RadioPoverty Chat Room Quote List

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1 acesOverKingsA <acesOverKingsA> Ballz likes girls? 66
2 acesOverKingsA <acesOverKings> wish they served subtitties at would all have to call me Jarod. 28
4 acesOverKingsA <copperheadsparky4> cock cam <acesOverKingsA> you requesting? 19
5 acesOverKingsA <copperheadsparky4> jumper in my box 14
6 acesOverKingsA <Tombstone22> Delivery or digorno..... <acesOverKingsA> How Ironic! 13
7 acesOverKingsA <WWIIREBEL> i swear i seen tunes DJ^Cubby had that are played with sticks n stones ffs,lol 14
8 acesOverKingsA kinky-koala is 48 male from Melbourne Australia a pure lesbian and is hung like a pony been told i have sexy eyes and a cute butt and is "shy and Innocent is a dirty rotten coachroach :-) ....and been told i am a dreamer ....... :-) 12
9 acesOverKingsA <sluttywelsh> f k off choopsy 14
10 DJ-IsleGuy <acesOverKingsA> so more like dickhead then? 19
13 delicious25 <MissMary58> grabs the package from KK 25
14 delicious25 <copperheadsparky4> better yet pirate will hold em for u <delicious25> what is he holding <copperheadsparky4> mary's boobs 21
15 delicious25_ <SweetKat> Swallows...finally 105
16 acesOverKingsA <acesOverKingsA> Pirate is going to warm up Wilbur and all he's got is 3 inches so far.........hmmmmmmm 15
17 acesOverKingsA <NGee> and why is it stalkers are never the people we want to stalk us??? 47
18 delicious25 <MamaBeam> (poon-tang >?) <MysteryMan69> ya that, thats some good eatin 21
20 MamaBeam <acesOverKingsA> Men have two emotions: Hungry and Horny. If you see him without an erection, make him a sandwich. 19
21 MamaBeam <delicious25> LA Douche! <acesOverKingsA> feels minty fresh 25
22 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> OH FFS........i need raunchy not fancy!! 32
23 delicious25 <boxer53> not touchin the uncle jimmys Laughing Out Loud <WWIIREBEL> <,doesnt wanna touch his balls either ffs!! 13
24 delicious25 <wwig0> i'll share my weed with the seedy lookin guy that climbs down my chute lmfaoo 15
25 delicious25 <SweetKat> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<---------------- is a seedy looking wench....does that count??? hahaha 19
26 delicious25 <boxer53> sell many uncle jimmys del Laughing Out Loud <delicious25> no <WWIIREBEL> LOL not surprising <delicious25> reb...u aren't a horse...they could be tasty for all ya know :p 17
27 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> Aint Nuttin says lovin ,Like marrying yer cousin!!! 13
28 apiratelooksat40 <copperheadsparky4> well kat we better get at it in 42 mins it will be pm and my morning wood will be a thing of the past lmao 17
29 apiratelooksat40 <delicious25_> That way with a toy u stay flexible down there n well shaped n formed so ya don't go to mini virgin size 48
30 apiratelooksat40 <copperheadsparky4> ahhhhhh kisses kat's sweet pussy lol 21
31 DJ-IsleGuy <KD43_> aces, better have a spare pair of underware handy 15
32 DJ-IsleGuy acesOverKingsA action (tells Mary Poppins to SUCK HIS............). 20
33 DJ-IsleGuy <IStrippedCubby> yep kat's got her pussy out again 17
34 DJ-IsleGuy <SweetKat> Oh chit...playing with my pussy on green cam...oops 36
35 DJ-IsleGuy <SweetKat> U guys leave my pussy alone ffs ;) 20
36 DJ-IsleGuy <SweetKat> :) has kinky cam up :) 15
37 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> Shit, i always go right outside my workshop and pee, now that the christmas lights are up, there is a big spotlight on my pecker....but I still pee'd anyway. 13
38 isleguy57 <delicious25> get me drunk n GAME ON! 11
39 NGee acesOverKingsA: does NOTHING better when i'm drunk 14
41 isleguy57 <SweetKat> My ass deli ;) 8
42 Lollipop <Lollipop> busted? <delicious25> ya I ate the Lollipop 15
43 NGee acesOverKingsA: damn we could have had fun with that small one WWIIREBEL 3
45 cowboy <NGee> loves to watch kat fling her pussy over her shoulder 12
47 cowboy <NGee> ohhh ya do kinky my pussy is too big to fling but kats isn't 5
48 cowboy <needsafix1> im like big pussy 9
49 cowboy <needsafix1> close your legs kat <SweetKat> Lmaoooooooo not mine...gees 5
50 isleguy57 <needsafix1> thank god nobody has there pussy on cam, cause i have my 47 inch tv rt now as my monitor 6
53 delicious25 <delicious25> *pours sugar on kat* <delicious25> *then licks* 7
54 eightfoortree <SweetKat> Bangs isles head 3
55 eightfoortree <Screwtape> She's touching my special area. Go banana. 7
56 eightfoortree <SweetKat> Lmao...nope...i refuse to share my deli <delicious25> lol <SweetKat> Those boobs are all mine 20
57 acesOverKingsA <NGee> not a farm tool 3
58 delicious25 <SweetKat> What video kinky? <kinky-koala> me wanking 6
59 delicious25 <kinky-koala> i now hate this song cause SweetKat hates it and im trying to get into her pants .... 6
60 delicious25 <SweetKat> I will send u my panties for that lmaoooo 4
61 delicious25 <KD43_> mama, eat me! <SweetKat> Shes busy eating me kd :)))) 7
62 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> mary?? if i had enough to swing "otherwise"..... i think i'd be a porn star by now,lol 41
63 delicious25_ <@DJ^DOG> if I had enough to swing it would be a bell clapped and I'd have sore knees 9
64 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> if I find a dildo in my mail with bacon as wrapper on it my folks will be like wtf...ijs 20
65 MamaBeam [00:05] <delicious25> butt cheeks? 9
66 MamaBeam <DJ^Cubby> just because i pet Kat's doesn't mean anything :p 6
67 delicious25 <SweetKat> My poor pussy is did u wake me up!! hahaha 8
68 MamaBeam <silverfoxxy> wooooo miss mary 9
69 MamaBeam <WWIIREBEL> ffs....... MY MOOBS hurt at the thought ffs!!! 34
70 MamaBeam 1 5
71 delicious25 <PghLindaCD> I don't like handcuffs delicious25, I prefer duck tape. wait! ... Never Mind 12
72 delicious25_ WWIIREBEL> Kat? <WWIIREBEL> RIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiimmmmJooooooooooooooB!! 8
73 DJBeam <delicious25> I have my chain saw full of fuel...wanna keep ya nuts? :D 10
74 DJBeam <acesOverKingsA> sure......I use that one's not a small penis, it's just my cam 5
75 DJBeam <DJ^Beam> Loves RP !!!!!! We Put the FUN in DysFUNctional Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 156
76 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> Kat behave??? seriously?........REALLY?????? 6
77 delicious25 <SweetKat> And to answer your question earlier pussy was on many times tonight...lmaoooo 9
78 delicious25 <SweetKat> Now eat me...nm 17
79 delicious25 <SweetKat> Shut the fuck up sweetkat...for the love of god...shut the fuck up!!!!!! lmao 17
80 acesOverKingsA <thunderbutt> request toliet paper in the fittin rooms WAL*MART 5
81 delicious25 <boxer53> has wood 9
82 delicious_25 <@wayno0413> i'll quak ur ass to death 23
83 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> I was peeing 8
84 delicious25 <ballz63> i miss aces <ballz63> his voice is soothing like dolphin tapes <ballz63> or whale sounds 17
85 delicious25 <MissMary54> hell i'll touch a womans butt KD 16
86 delicious_showering delicious25_ I'm addicted too...see first step is admitting it 9
87 boxer53 delicious_showering <@boxer53> how do you remember those # sheesh 5
88 delicious25 <boxer53> silly pussy here...<SweetKat> Trying to play with 3
89 delicious25 <delicious25> I do but it's small not big like yours <delicious25> I don't want it small damnit 8
90 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> queef? 8
91 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> i just query the database........leaves my brain free to remember my favorite porn 1
92 DJBeam <DJ^Cubby> ok here's a quote for you : if water was vodka and i was a duck i'd swim to the bottom and never come up...but water's not vodka and i'm not a duck so pass me the bottle and shut the fuck up 6
93 isleguy57 <RadioPoverty> [DJ^Cubby Heavy Metal Mania on RadioPoverty is playing Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch] <SweetKat> Cubbys song...lmaooo <DJ^Cubby> lmaooooooooooo Kat 6
94 isleguy57 <wayno0413> u do what with ur box? 4
95 delicious25 <copperheadsparky4> senses a taste testing going on <delicious25> taste testing for what <acesOverKingsA> tasting for La Douche......for WWIIREBEL 5
96 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Can we watch cubby???? 5
97 isleguy57 <delicious25> let me pee first? 3
98 DJ-IsleGuy <delicious25> la douche queefin cubby 7
99 isleguy57 <DJ^Prodigy> donlad duk is havin a dukgasm at cubby house 6
100 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> a free breast augmentation <acesOverKingsA> bad news the RadioPoverty Prize vault has $ i'd not expect great tits afterwards.....ijs 7
101 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> ok, i'll settle for a quick handjob in the shower before work 7
102 delicious25 <SweetKat> Dances with cubbys boobs :) 4
103 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> again Prodigy, i told you i;m not gay ffs 5
104 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Deli wants my pussy :) just saying :))) 5
105 delicious25 <wayno0413> leaveeee myyyy pusssyyyy aloneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 6
106 delicious25 <SweetKat> Wish he would quack my ass to death...lmaoooooooooooo 8
107 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> This is a place to spill your guts.... Not a place to bust your nuts......... So keep it nice and keep it neat...... And find another place to beat your meat 6
108 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Dog> i paid for it once told her if i knew she was that tight i'd have paid double she said if i knew you had double i'd have taken my pantyhose off 8
109 boxer53 <acesOverKingsA> and so we all know in the future.......<acesOverKingsA> ok, you remember the rule......if SweetKat has the password, Aces needs the password's a a rule damn it. 6
110 DJBeam <KD43> aces, copper is a mental health professional. That's why she must limit her time with us. its like she's always at work! 7
111 DJBeam * WWIIREBEL will send kat reindeer antlers.....her nose is red enough ffs,lol 6
112 boxer53 <boxer53> Gee likes havin her thingee played with Laughing Out Loud 5
113 DJ-IsleGuy <delicious25> I'm not asking where u r wet 5
114 IsleGuyx2 <NGee> ohhhh katbiatch is wet now 6
115 IsleGuyx2 <SweetKat> Cuz i don't know how to STFU :) 6
116 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> all I use is chrome and it sucked ballz :/ <acesOverKingsA> is sure Ballz doesn't mind 7
117 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> cause I quacked cubby n then I heard it and i was in mid swallow......[22:17] <delicious25> wait [[22:17] <delicious25> mid swallow sounds wrong 10
118 delicious25 <DJ^Cubby> i'd like a slow comfortable screw up against a brick wall plz? 17
119 isleguy57 <Sixpoint69> i have the Red Bra ffs..:):) 5
120 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> Here is the rules Guys, if I see one cock bigger then mine, your gone.........BTW, they call me the Hung Field Mouse!!!!!! 8
121 isleguy57 <NGee> or tits bigger then mine 5
122 isleguy57 <IStrippedCubby> kat you wanna feed me grapes..lmaoooooooooo <IsleGuy57> o.0 <SweetKat> Fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 9
123 isleguy57 <beamer174> tell then to go fuck themslkeves 12
124 delicious25 <copperheadsparky4> inches isle inches <IsleGuy57> 6 <IsleGuy57> ohhhhhhhh snow................. <IsleGuy57> sorry 3
125 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Ugggggggggggggg 7
126 Katswench <beamer174> be sure to pick up that New HEAD BANGIN App 5
127 Katswench <delicious25> this isn't exactly what I would call a good fuck 17
128 deadpple <delicious25> I'm scared to try my cam...I can't take another JM orgasm :/ 19
129 nottelling <delicious25> it works flawless ...99% of the time <delicious25> until it gets horny <adultmale> lol <delicious25> then I get fucked :/ 17
130 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Tongue juice?????????? 9
131 delicious25 <eeyore9930> decided to munch on my nuts when I was up 8
132 delicious25 <LoopyLassie> i dont have the balls on them tho......... i prefer balls in my mouth than dangling round my feet lol 8
133 boxer53 <Garfieldcat> ahh Cubby u arent a boy- u have girlie bits !!! 4
134 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> This??? !acesOverKingsA ¦ oh SweetKat, she will fall for anything. 2
135 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> !quack Dunk Hunting is for PUSSYS <!acesOverKingsA> Pussies with shotguns.......don't ever lose sight of that fact. 3
136 boxer53 <NGee> sammy kershaw is not a pussy <NGee> but he can have mine 12
137 acesOverKingsA <@WWIIREBEL> So today there was a piece of chocolate cake in my fridge with a note, "don't eat me!" Now there is an empty plate with a note saying "Don't tell me what to do!" 18
138 acesOverKingsA <NGee> inside me there is a skinny girl just shouting to get out...i can usually shut the bitch up with chocolate chip cookies 10
139 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> ok we can talk about MissMary now[21:22] <!acesOverKingsA> GOD I LOVE that woman 8
140 boxer53 <JohnGr53> ye can see poverty have new toy fer the boys here lol 4
141 boxer53 <needsafix1> can i sleep through it with you reb 11
142 boxer53 <MissMary54> oooooooh i can double fist it now :p 13
143 MamaBeam <acesOverKingsA> OR he can do like my wife does.....just tune my voice out. 3
144 acesOverKingsA <sluttywelsh> my flange needs a p 6
145 MissMary54 Bulldog55 7
146 boxer53 <Sixpoint69> if Gars holden them im takin pics ffs....LOL 5
147 MissMary54 MissMary54 11
148 DoDo6160 [08:34:08] <del_sleeping> I mean oops :) 5
149 AussieJaxx cams were flickering here in standalone and I couldnt get it in private mode to have a quiet picking my nose moment] 4
150 AussieJaxx <DoDo6160> cams were flickering here in standalone 2
151 del_sleeping <DoDo6160> cams were flickering here in standalone and I couldnt get it in private mode to have a quiet picking my nose moment 8
152 del_sleeping <AussieJaxx> is not big Laughing Out Loud <del_sleeping> That's what she said jaxx 6
153 MissMary54 • member:identifier:djboxer slaps member:billndennise around a bit with a large trout WWIIREBEL 2
154 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Beam> Hay Aces !! <apiratelooksat40> I like big tits too ijs ffs Laughing Out Loud 4
155 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> Garfieldcat, you keep licking your fingers and I keep thinking..... 3
156 isleguy57 <IStrippedCubby> ffs aces i can't get it any 3
157 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Omfg......u lied to me then...u said it was GREAT 6
158 isleguy57 <PeekUhBoobie> play that on my clit anyday lol 3
159 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Fuck u aces :)) 5
160 boxer53 <!acesOverKingsA> SweetKat, prefers 50 shades of Blue, ijs 5
161 isleguy57 <SweetKat> I know u want it aces..... ;) 5
162 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> You know your drunk when the side of the house that you normally pee on is lit up by christmas lights and all you do is pee and wave at all the cars passing by looking at the lights......... 4
163 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> hey SweetKat, did you ever click on the 2
164 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> has a feeling SweetKat is a church going lady, and this is her dark side..... 3
165 isleguy57 <SweetKat> This is my shy side aces ;) 6
166 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Lmaooooooo u got it my biker biatch!!!!!!!!!!! purrrrrrsssssssss <MamaBeam> wooot woooot <SweetKat> Thats what mama is gonna to me.... belly shots...wooootttttttt 3
167 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> cause i have learned to beat off without ANY motion 5
168 isleguy57 <PeekUhBoobie> it drive me crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all in my faceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 7
169 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> i'm pouring half glasses, who the fuck am I fooling here 4
170 isleguy57 <DJ^Cubby> does my beak turn you on aces?? 2
171 isleguy57 * acesOverKingsA action (thinks isleguy57 is the thought police.). <acesOverKingsA> and he is just giggling.........cant do much else, there is 20 feet of snow outside. 4
172 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> ok for the record, Currently i have no one wanting to sex me up in PM, the lines are OPEN! 4
173 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Enough about me and my pussy ffs!!!!!!!!!!!! 5
174 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> wayno0413, no need to worry way it's bigger than mine. 3
175 isleguy57 <SweetKat> I'm gonna turn blue for aces later...shhhhhhhhhhhhhh 4
176 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> fuck, give me a beak! 6
177 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> I'm not hot for u anymore now dude 1
178 isleguy57 <MamaBeam> Quack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STRIP !!!!! 5
179 delicious25 * acesOverKingsA action (needs to go wave to the people driving by looking at lights with my dick in my hand.......brb). 6
180 delicious25 <SweetKat> Lmaooooooooo deli...uh huh...even without a hammer....i would hammer ya ;))) 4
181 boxer53 <thor31> nice way u have your hair kat <boxer53> kat&head oh Never Mind 4
182 isleguy57 * DJ^Cubby action (all i want for christmas it to be Kat's pussycat so she can pet me). <SweetKat> C'mere wench <DJ^Cubby> w000t!!! 4
183 delicious25 <SweetKat> I like 10 inches brad...sorry 7
184 boxer53 <DJ^Dee> u got a blower in ur garage, shoudlt u let her in the house 5
185 boxer53 <DJ^Dee> u got a blower in ur garage,reb shoudlt u let her in the house 6
186 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> can someone take that image out of my head now, plz? <mirrors34> of ballz in the bath nakid with a butt plug? 12
187 DJBeam <acesOverKingsA> i guess you CAN see my influence in the bot! just wait till it starts groping the stream. 5
188 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> pple still spit? 5
189 acesOverKingsA <mirrors> i wanna be straight.....[21:38] <!acesOverKingsA> we've heard [21:38] <mirrors> i mean sober 4
190 apiratelooksat40 <copperheadsparky4> psstt needs I am heavy and mirrors lusts me anyway lol 7
192 apiratelooksat40 copperheadsparky4> our minds are a scary place Mary <copperheadsparky4> but warm and wett 7
194 acesOverKingsA <NGee> never having sex with aces again ..he screams out his own name 4
195 mirrors34 !203 <NGee> pees in pance 3
196 mirrors34 Korimco> u better be nice to me jack , im driving tonight 5
197 DJBeam <ballz63> im thinking of a new years resolution mirrors 4
198 mirrors34 <hopsalong> it was ok he took his ring off <mirrors34> smart man <mirrors34> and put his ring cock on 5
199 delicious25 <mirrors34> she strip searched me and didnt find my spoon.. it was up my ass... im digging my way out.... 4
200 mirrors34 DJ^Beam> Yeah ---- makes it hard I know Kori <thor31> well beam if ya rub it it will get 7
201 IsleGuyTwo <acesOverKingsA> bend over buckeyeboy 6
202 Lorrenascouch <acesOverKingsA> oh wait....IT IS HARD! 8
203 isleguytwo <lorrenabobbit> this is for a special quebec lady - before battery dies 2
204 acesOverKingsA <KD43> copper, are you gonna charge me the group rate hun? after all it was an orgy! 3
205 mirrors34 <lorrenabobbit> i made a mess 4
206 mirrors34 Dj-Kori> wheres ya cowboy hat n jeans n boots <aussiejack> i dont have any <aussiejack> lol <aussiejack> just a thong 4
207 mirrors34 loveableone> i imagined the long armed long legged monkey.= me, lazy looking ( maybe in one of those sex chairs) doing unspeakable things with a nintendo controller 16
208 isleguy57 WWIIREBEL action (stares aimlessly @ the ceiling...>droooool<). 6
209 DJ-IsleGuy delicious25 action (gives you a head lock with my legs and sits on ya face and lets a loud fart out). 9
210 DJ-IsleGuy <MissMary58> hides it with isles knob 1
211 boxer53 <delicious25> I'll find a banana hammock dude to come out of ya cake cheeky :p 4
212 DJ-IsleGuy <mirrors34> mm took cheekys cherry 3
213 DJ-IsleGuy <cheekyblonde> im something .. thats for sure 4
214 DJ-IsleGuy <delicious25> hey Krunning wanna asl me and go back into my private message box and e-phonebone me all night?............ 2
215 Oilchecker <cheekyblonde> dont let mirrors near your crack 6
216 Oilchecker <delicious25> cause he tried to play with boxer's butt before 3
217 Oilchecker <lake07> closes eyes.....(((dont wannna see)))....NOOOOOO 1
218 DJBeam <delicious25> my chair is gettin a lot of butt action...ijs <boxer53> is gettin dizzy Laughing Out Loud 4
219 boxer53 <acesOverKingsA> just went pee on my bush, i think i damaged it shooting yellow ice cubes at it. 5
220 mirrors34 Garfieldcat> where do u think i went <mirrors34> to make my bed 4
221 delicious25 <mirrors34> ballz will fill me in 5
222 acesOverKingsA <Garfieldcat> <marquette95> hi <Garfieldcat> dont blind pm <marquette95> you the pm police??? 6
223 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Pfffft i don't want an out 7
224 delicious25 <cheekyblonde> i need a stiff one too 4
225 isleguy57 <IStrippedCubby> ok aces whose my freak to get on :p 5
226 isleguy57 <thor31> is kats pussy in heat. 1
229 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Lol cheeky....i sucked [19:38] <SweetKat> But didnt choke...lmaooooo <@DJ-IsleGuy> !q 15 <SweetKat> Swallows...finally 5
230 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> i need to go masturbate, brb 8
231 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> Swallows...finally 7
233 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> u and your furry pussyness <SweetKat> I'd beat that pussy [22:26] <cheekyblonde> kat beat her up 3
234 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> we are going soft...... 7
239 delicious25 <cheekyblonde> k kat is making me laugh i have to pee <SweetKat> I wanna watch biatch 4
240 DJBeam RIP the KNOBS off the Stereo --------- THROW them at YOUR NEIGHBORS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5
241 acesOverKingsA StrippedCubby blows WWIIREBEL 4
242 acesOverKingsA <cheekyblonde> my dork is a penis 4
243 mirrors34 SweetKat> I will lick em when u bring me my pole ;) 4
244 delicious25 <MissMary58> <wants to pet cubby's pussy again 6
245 delicious25 <Knightmoves> another sticky keyboard 8
247 delicious25 <Knightmoves> i think i just snorted a piece of pig 13
251 delicious25 <Knightmoves> i'm not getting much today <Knightmoves> or any other day for that 6
252 DJBeam <Sixpoint69> hmmm yuppies in do i fit in....LOL <DJ^Beam> U fit right on my lap hunny !!!!! 5
253 DJBeam <delicious25_> Born again virgin eyes* <DJ^Beam> yeah right !!! 4
254 boxer53 <bulldog55> shows linda how to hang cubbys bra so its a comfy 6
255 mirrors34 SweetKat> Suck him good cubby 2
256 delicious25 <boxer53> ffs my lil guy is special Laughing Out Loud 4
257 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Thats ok aces...stay pantless plz 6
258 boxer53 <sweepy> only way I can get in Del 1
259 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> My Pussy is meowing as we speak thor...grrrrrrrrrr 3
260 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> I got excited <delicious25> haha happens kat 3
261 delicious25 <DJ^Prodigy> me n kat werent scared to put somethin in our mout 8
262 acesOverKingsA [DJ^Prodigy! - Live on RadioPoverty is playing Demi Lovato] 3
263 delicious25 <mirrors34> ive got the biggest balls of them all 5
264 boxer53 <del_sleeps> *uses reflex in my leg to ninja kick mirrors in the nards* 6
265 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> i got three inches too, but only if I pump 2twice. 4
266 isleguytwo <jinxyyy> ���gH��g ��t ���� Blue Balls and liquor.. Oh My Gawd if that ain't a sngles night I don't know what is. 4
267 jinxyyy <jinxyyy> <----------- turns OFF @acesOverKingsA RED whore light on the porch 2
268 isleguytwo <yatawho> Everyone..........Is not Cheeky the most cute lady you ever seen...Take a look....look now. <acesOverKingsA> she is ok for a drag queen, i guess 2
269 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Aces is an expert on tramps.... ;) 3
270 isleguytwo acesOverKingsA action (was giggling that wayno was getting drunk under the table by a 90lbs beast.....). 2
271 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> don't rub it to hard, Robyyy, it's VERY fragile 4
273 isleguytwo <acesOverKingsA> ok, everyone put your peckers away, mirrors34 is here 3
274 isleguytwo <Garfieldcat> mirrors come and blow on me 3
275 isleguytwo acesOverKingsA action (wonders if this DJ talks?). <MissMary58> she does when she knows you aren't recording her aces 4
276 isleguytwo <acesOverKingsA> my favorite word! <MissMary58> arrmageddon 2
281 delicious25 <cheekyblonde> i think i got hard 2
282 isleguytwo acesOverKingsA action (is gonna make it rain up in this muther fucker.). 1
283 jinxyyy [@DJ^Beam]: when your on the radio everything gets HARD !! 3
284 jinxyyy <DJ^Beam> wow ---- jinxyyy ----- u have been djing along time ---- surprised u never heard this onebefore.. <jinxyyy> oh NOW she's saying " i'm OLD " !! 4
285 mirrors34 <mirrors34> cheeky needs her ballz fix for the day 2
287 delicious25 <tyedye> Ur holding ur skin flute stop it <DJBoxer> thats a handful ijs 5
288 DJBoxer <delicious25> get it in there 3
289 DJBoxer delicious25> have heels on and lay ya down so we can walk a lil on ya balls and dick a weee tad bit so u feel a smidge of pain but we won't be too rough or hard well maybe mary will be but not me 6
290 MissMary58 <delicious25> ok lets blame it on my new bra 5
292 delicious25 <MissMary58> bend over ......I'll touch yer butt!!!!!! <delicious25> OKAY! <delicious25> :) <MissMary58> hands you the ball gag first 2
293 delicious25 <DJBoxer> my penis is so polite it stands up so girls have a place to sit down 4
296 DJ-IsleGuy <SweetKat> Puts my dick back ffs 1
297 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> dirty lil minds...kats the poster child ffs 3
298 isleguy57 <cheekyblonde> "open for business" 4
299 isleguy57 <Robyyy> now put it back in 4
300 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> oh I always swallow :p 8
301 boxer53 <RedHotHoney> sucks 2
304 isleguy57 acesOverKingsA action (sticks my nose FIRMLY up cheekyblonde's ass). 6
306 isleguy57 <MissMary58> i type once in 10 min and i get fucking quoted wth 5
308 isleguy57 <MissMary58> that an a cattle prod <DJ^Beam> Laughing My Ass Off --- He would like that ALOT 4
312 KD43_ <acesOverKingsA> yes, I am gay 6
314 acesOverKingsA <@acesOverKingsA> Women might be able to fake orgasms. But men can fake a whole relationship. 7
316 boxer53 <@DJ^Dee> sorry , i prefer something eles in my mouth besides chocolate sheeshhhh lol 17
317 isleguytwo <jinxyyy> drinking out of the bottle behind the bar is NOT passing the bar exam thunderbutt 7
318 boxer53 <@WWIIREBEL> <<<doesnt work well with wood, but can get a good woody!!! 8
320 acesOverKingsA <cheekyblonde> i knowwwwwwwwwwwww my placeeeee ( on top) but it dont know meeeeeeeeeeee 3
323 isleguytwo <NGee> if we all family here can i borrow some money 3
324 DJBoxer <@Dee> ur admitting u cant keep up boxer .......damn lmao 4
325 DJBoxer <copperheadsparky4> cam up reb we wanna see it 3
327 mirrors34 <delicious25> I secretly suck 8
328 delicious25 <DJ^Dee> nawww only likes certain woody... i mean wood 4
329 margarita <copperheadsparky4> hmm give me another toke lol 2
330 isleguytwo <gollyGeewhiz> ohhh aces be prepared ballz is giving you something for valentines day 6
331 NGee <@AussieJack> a shit load Dj-Kori? @AussieJack> i wuv u shit loads too Dj-Kori <NGee> fuckin men always bitchin bout something...she tells him she loves him a shitload and he says he has a hurt back 5
332 delicious25 <DJ^Gee> i want a mouth full 4
333 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Valentines Day = A day they jack prices up on everything ffs 7
334 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Cubby> <gollyGeewhiz> gawd my box got huge 4
335 gollyGeewhiz <DeepPrplRox> Gee - I'm drunk, it's valentine's day, and I haven't seen you in a long time...... May I whisper "sweet nothings" in your ear..... for example "you wanna see my hangy down deal"? 5
336 gollyGeewhiz <DeepPrplRox> <private messasge to gollyGeewhiz> Can you DJ after Cubby? You don't have to play music - just talk. I'm almost there 3
337 mirrors34 <cheekyblonde> i have clit 6
338 mirrors34 <Garfieldcat> i have a big one Nunja we can share 3
339 mirrors34 <DJ^Dee> can ya slap me just a lil bit harder :) 11
340 NGee <@NGee> i shopped online for my last dildo... called customer service and told the guy i wanted the big red one. he said they didnt have a big red one...i said yes i saw it hanging on the wall behind counter. he said ma'am thats the fire extinguisher...<KD43> apprantly darlin the fires rage deep within you! 7
341 DJ-IsleGuy <acesOverKingsA> need to borrow my bush, Bluntie? 4
342 isleguytwo <WWIIREBEL> <thunderbutt> yeeehaww "shoot the mule and fuck the goat"!!.............. NO WAY Thunder.... goats nibble yer nuggets, sheep are safer ijs (says the kilt wearin nutcase) 6
343 isleguytwo <OE> Wayno +DJ Burger King cause he does it the way you'd do it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,if you were prematurely balding and had an incredibly small penis 3
344 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> that was my first kick from here...I feel like my cherry has been popped :p 9
345 DJ-IsleGuy <SweetKat> Oh NOT a porn model ffs???? WTF???????????? 6
346 acesOverKingsA bored001 is now known as feelinggay 7
347 DJ-IsleGuy gollyGeewhiz action (burps just like a lady). 4
348 isleguytwo <acesOverKingsA> my dick doesn't get any bigger with a big screen RedHotHoney 6
349 Deesdesk gollyGeewhiz action (i wanna do the titty bump with dee). 4
350 Deesdesk <acesOverKingsA> Red, you finally came to my understanding <RedHotHoney> oh really? i SO doubt it 6
351 boxer53 <cheekyblonde> ballz has just signed in makes me horny 11
352 MissMary54 <DJ Cubby> sorry Robbie you guys have a dunk dj 5
354 mirrors34 <DJ^Aces>, sounds like the opposite of the "Girls of JMeeting" 5
355 isleguy57 <DJ^Aces> don't say beat in here flower....... 7
356 acesOverKingsA NGee sucks 6
357 boxer53 <@DJ^Dee> <<, dont know nuffin about sex been too long, i think my cherry grew back 7
358 mirrors34 <cheekyblonde> i wanna fuck you 8
359 acesOverKingsA <needsafix1> i spit aces, so im out lol [19:30] <!acesOverKingsA> i don't care what you do with it after i'm done, needs 4
360 gollyGeewhiz <MrAArP`> Gee knows all 9
361 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz> my box got huge 8
362 acesOverKingsA <@Dee> then ya take the risk of waking up with cyote syndrom.....shes layin on ur arm an u would rather chew it off then wake her up so u cn escape lol 3
365 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> fuck I was hung over this morning..........[19:43] <!acesOverKingsA> but I put on my big girl panties and went to work as usual 4
366 isleguytwo acesOverKingsA action (sends Gee a dictionary). <NGee> fuck you aces 1
367 mirrors34 <cheekyblonde> i have bengay on my back and i got some in my eye 3
368 mirrors34 <VelvetNinja> 2 cheeks one cup 3
369 isleguy57 <cheekyblonde> dont piss me off 2
370 boxer53 <isleguy57> dee...after the jack up, is there a jack off? 2
371 bengay <MissMary54> not that fucking thing in your nightstand 4
372 acesOverKingsA <boxer53> Laughing Out Loud it is big 3
373 boxer53 <@DJ^Dee> when ur ready bob just pop up in my box 3
374 MissMary54 <delicious25> *uses a cattle prod on boxer's ass and watches him twitch on the ground* 4
375 acesOverKingsA <Phydeaux> I.E. WOmen get turned on by "The light fuzz tickled his chin as he thrust his tongue deeper into the cleft and teasingly sucked up each drop of the precious nectar that tremblingly fell from the rosey lips. This was the best peach he had ever tasted." <Phydeaux> While men get aroused by "Look at the tits on her!" 4
376 acesOverKingsA <Rfactor> so thats were yellow roses come from 3
377 gollyGeewhiz <mirrors34> in my mouth its going 12
378 mirrors34 <gollyGeewhiz> enrique .... tonight im fuckin you 2
379 NGee <@DJ^Dee> deffinition of a Dickie Do---When your belly sticks out further then your Dickie do ...hehehehehehe 3
380 isleguytwo <WWIIREBEL> deviants buck??? ffs we are well below those standards nowadays,lol 2
381 isleguytwo <DJ^Gee> like a tramp in the night i was begging for you to treat my body like you wanted toooooooooooo 3
382 DJ-IsleGuy <WWIIREBEL> yup....this rooms normal....NOOOOOOOOOT!!!! LOL 5
383 DJ-IsleGuy <DJ^Beam> Loves RP !!!!!! We Put the FUN in DysFUNctional Baby <needsafix1> dysFUNctional with ginger and pineapples 4
384 DJBeam <DJ^Beam> He's a Prickly Bitch -- that IsleGuy 4
385 isleguytwo <MissMary54> an ass plug will do <bighog995> helllllllllllll no mary 3
386 isleguytwo <flowerlady1> let me get my strap on bighog <flowerlady1> come to ma ma <bighog995> glower <bighog995> flower no 4
387 naked <sunny1> ill google sex 5
389 mirrors34 <cheekyblonde> i miss ur balls too 2
390 isleguytwo <needsafix1> lmao isle <needsafix1> you going to make me choke on my nuts 1
391 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Fu biatch ;) <gollyGeewhiz> wooot where and when baby <gollyGeewhiz> im there 3
392 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Love u too gee :)) <gollyGeewhiz> fuck you very very much <SweetKat> C'mere baby :) 1
393 isleguytwo <gollyGeewhiz> ffs if i do pontoon then i will be a trshy woman too??? 1
394 isleguytwo <gollyGeewhiz> im dealing with my pussy ffs 1
395 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz> im dealing with my pussy ffs 1
396 isleguytwo <gollyGeewhiz> no kat my pussy is bigger then yours remmeber <gollyGeewhiz> i cant fling it over my shoulder 2
397 isleguytwo <WWIIREBEL> crap....even my keyboard types as i speak....lip-less...grrrr 4
398 boxer53 <SweetKat> Come back with just the lipstick on gee :))) 2
399 isleguytwo <WWIIREBEL> Dayum Gee...its sooo hairy!! 3
400 isleguytwo <gollyGeewhiz> its hard to fling my pussy over my shoulder im not talented like kat 8
401 gollyGeewhiz <seemor> ffs do i really want to try and win my ballz back .. <seemor> something about being ball less is a good thing .. just sayin 7
402 NGee <seemor> <<waits to see ... Welcome back Seemor... you made my box huge again :) 3
403 apiratelooksat40 needsafix1> well gee, you can do me first 3
404 apiratelooksat40 DJ^Aces action (wants to hit into needs bush). <needsafix1> i dont have a bush aces <needsafix1> no wait , i do now till ffs, when i can shave again lol 5
405 acesOverKingsA <mirrors> *notice* i will be drunk tonight............................... <getout clause> *Translation* I will be trolling chatrooms wearing a Fez whilst searching for midget clown porn 1
406 acesOverKingsA <mirrors> i suck 4
407 mirrors34 <ballz63> wb dildo 3
408 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Ummm aces...u liked my rooster the other night ffs 1
409 boxer53 <boxer53> sign <darch> almost got you life size here now ;) <boxer53> that make needs a blowup doll Laughing Out Loud 5
410 DoDo6160 [20:04:50] <@DJ^Dee> got asked the other day if i liked legs or breasts.... i said no , i like shaved pussy's and anal......apparently that was the wrong t hing to say at KFC 18
411 DoDo6160 <needsafix1> she can do me anywhere she likes 4
412 boxer53 <needsafix1> dont let the sun go down on me, but hell i have a few in mind that can .....lmao 8
413 mirrors34 westcoastwannabe> shove in ur mouth then 3
414 mirrors34 <Bluntie> i cant get him hard enought o make him cum so have the fuck at it ... 6
415 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz> hey when i see cock i jump 1
416 boxer53 <gollyGeewhiz> hey when i see cock i jump 2
417 boxer53 <gollyGeewhiz> id stand in front of a train for aces....a stopped one 2
418 acesOverKingsA <OE> plz tell mirros to "fook off ya jealous twat" 1
419 mirrors34 MrRockandRoll> << butt guy 2
420 boxer53 <cheekyblonde> coconut oil on your head mirrors.. no itch and will help it grow 7
421 jinxyyy <cheekyblonde> dee i sent a recipe.. <jinxyyy> I sent one to @Dee for a cream pie.. 3
422 isleguytwo <Dee> sex is like a game of cards, ,,,,,if u dont have a good partner, u better have a good hand :) <SweetKat> I have a great hand then....lmaooooo 2
423 isleguytwo <NGee> aces id tell you go fuck yaself but from what i heard youd be very satisfied. 29
425 isleguytwo <NGee> i can pee standing up <boxer53> while eating a donut gee 5
426 isleguytwo <NGee> aces id tell you go fuck yaself but from what i heard youd be very disappointed 39
427 boxer53 yeah...Gee gobbles what she enjoys boxer 6
428 acesOverKingsA <@WWIIREBEL> i need stiffer wood 6
429 isleguytwo gollyGeewhiz action (lends copper my attagirl knee pads). 2
430 nauseous <cheeky1> Im teaching gee how to be a good girl 2
431 nauseous <SweetKat> Gotta love miss people skills!!! :))) <gollyGeewhiz> of course yall gotta love me 4
432 nauseous <gollyGeewhiz> i wanna fuck ya like im never gonna seee you again <SweetKat> C'mere gee ;) 3
433 mirrors34 <OE> <-----smokes his meat 5
434 mirrors34 Garfieldcat> i thought Roots was much better 2
435 boxer53 <gollyGeewhiz> wait puts on more lipstick before i blow 3
436 isleguy57 <RadioPoverty> [DJ^Linda - Live on RadioPoverty! is playing Journey - Any Way You Want It] <MissMary54> wonders if this song goes along with gee's box? ijs 7
437 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz> has a place u can cum 4
438 acesOverKingsA <IStrippedCubby> well we already know what robyyy looks like in a diaper so i guess a speedo is that far off 3
439 acesOverKingsA <Erchamion> <<<don't wanna see aces in a speedo...period,,, I prefer my diego's nekkid 2
440 acesOverKingsA <Erchamion> sorry for the delay in getting back...she finally got off the phone and i had to clean the kitchen... 3
441 mirrors34 <mirrors34> OE has no say 1
442 DJ-IsleGuy <cheekyblonde> where the hell is gee 4
443 mirrors34 <Sunny1> no i should not bring my bad things in here 4
444 isleguy57 <NGee> i should have showered ladt night..ffs i woke up with sticky boobs 7
445 acesOverKingsA <NGee> i should have showered ladt night..ffs i woke up with sticky boobs <!DJ^Aces> not the first time i'm sure Gee 8
446 acesOverKingsA <NGee> i liked pw too but fuck it ..aint worth it...i go and get naughty on skype 2
447 boxer53 <needsafix1> i mean male tools 4
448 boxer53 <needsafix1> below me or blow me lol 3
449 mirrors34 <Garfieldcat> ??? 2
450 boxer53 *SweetKat* Duh silly man...ive had u up for a while : 10
451 mirrors34 <Storm2Pass> yer whiskers get in yer mouth and choke u while u talk on the phone? 4
452 MrInnocent <SweetKat> Slap me again biatch <SweetKat> I'm ready to do it again gee :) <gollyGeewhiz> gawd 3
453 tanless <gollyGeewhiz> aces sings sex and skittles and funyons 2
454 isleguytwo RedHotHoney action (looks around for good girls). <DJ-IsleGuy> hehehehe * gollyGeewhiz action (raises hand im a good girl). <Garfieldcat> puts hand up- is a good girl 4
455 isleguytwo * DJ^Cubby action (sings what you want with my jackie lamb just to see Kat laugh). 13
456 bedpan <gollyGeewhiz> between rhhs cat pissing all over and now katbiatch <gollyGeewhiz> we gonna need the mop soon 6
457 bedpan <thunderbutt> and I shaved my vigana for this? 2
458 hurt <RedHotHoney> Finger 11? Is there a Finger 12? <DJ^Cubby> lol <RedHotHoney> just wondering 6
459 redboots <WWIIREBEL> Do you know why sex is a simple, three-letter word? <WWIIREBEL> Because it's easier to spell than: UhhhhhoooohhAhhhhhh, AIIEEEEEEEahahahahahohgod don'tstopnow you' re sogood Ican'tstandthisanylongerohohohohohplease nownownow yesyesyesyes ohhhhhhhgawwdyessssssssssssss 4
460 isleguytwo <MissMary58> can't wait to fluff Kat's pussy when she's live on the air <SweetKat> Lmaoooooo mary <MissMary58> EWG 3
461 mirrors34 <gollyGeewhiz> havent had a spoon in ages 1
462 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Watches gee watch her spread em ;))) <WWIIREBEL> spreading em ......gawd <gollyGeewhiz> omg kat 3
463 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Pets gees........ummm....have to make it purrrr somehow ;) 3
464 thisdeakishuge <MissMary58> ties kat down so i can grope her anytime i want 4
465 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Now i have an even hotter pussy ffs 3
466 DJ-IsleGuy <gollyGeewhiz> and kat dont let aces make ya believe ya have to perform that oral exam either.....its a scam 2
467 mic <gollyGeewhiz> and kat dont let aces make ya believe ya have to perform that oral exam either.....its a scam <gollyGeewhiz> i know i fell for it tooo 5
468 DJ-IsleGuy <MissMary58> now wonders if i can get Kat to pant <SweetKat> Lmaoooooo uh huh u can mary ;) 3
469 NGee <@mirrors34> pointed at ballz gee 4
470 NGee @mirrors34> pointed at ballz gee <NGee> what you pointed??? <NGee> scared to ask @mirrors34> my penis 4
471 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz action (likes LARGE things). 2
472 mirrors34 SweetKat> Get on cam....or fuck off 2
473 isleguytwo loveableone> im not gay though <DinosaurFreckles> damn lovable... am so disappointed now 2
474 isleguytwo loveableone> im not gay though <DinosaurFreckles> damn lovable... am so disappointed now <loveableone> id turn for ya red ; 4
475 isleguytwo <DJ^Aces> wants to open up SexToysRus 2
476 isleguy57 <NGee> mount me 5
477 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Gee called me last night and talked dirty to me....wooohooo ;) 2
478 isleguytwo <gollygeewhiz> aces youre fucking awesome keep that shit up 5
479 mirrors34 V 2
480 acesOverKingsA <~acesOverKingsA> i love gee to death..........and it's just a matter of time 5
481 acesOverKingsA <NGee> ok i had 4 bloody marys and im fucked lol 4
482 MamaBeam RichardCrainum jumps into the drivers seat, tightens his hemmet, turns on the "No Licking The Windows" sign, and floors it while singing "Boobs on the bus bounce up and down, up and down, up and down" 16
483 isleguytwo <isleguy57> ...grass does not grow on a busy street <NGee> which is why i have no hair on my boobs or my ummmm 2
484 tongue <NGee> who kicked me <SweetKat> Aces did <SweetKat> i can't request ratted him 2
485 KatsRatt <SweetKat> Yer not a guy gee? hmmm <isleguy57> with those fun bags???? <NGee> nope kat <WWIIREBEL> >shups and walks away from kat< <NGee> lol <isleguy57> I'd say not!!! <SweetKat> Awesome boobies for a guy if u are 5
486 tonguejuice <SweetKat> I really do need to learn to 2
487 quoteHo <SweetKat> sunnys face <SweetKat> She had that ...WTF look going on 3
488 bluepill <copperheadsparky4> ffs gee your ass has gotta be wett and sticky by now 1
489 acesOverKingsA <@WWIIREBEL> A pal o mine walked up to a really pretty girl at the local bar the other night and said, "Hey, babe, can I buy you a drink?" She said, "Do you like sex?"...He said, "Of course I like sex."... She said, "Do you like to travel?"... He said, "Yeah, I love to travel.".... She said, "Then F.O." 3
490 damndog NGee> only thing heavy i want is a guy on top of me 3
491 MamaBeam ] <ballz63> apparently chiwawas are randier than mirrors wich i no is hard to belive 21
492 MissMary58 <DJ-Dee> and knowing how to use a knife i could fillet u up like a well trimmed fish or a talented surgeon lmao 4
493 isleguy57 <DJBoxer> found 1 older then you eh dee Laughing Out Loud <DJBoxer> runs Laughing Out Loud <DJ-Dee> fuck u gutter slut lol 2
494 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> dudes face yesterday looked like a gorillas shaved ass.....just sayin <DJ-Dee> wonders how reb knows w hat a gorillas shaved ass looks like <DJ-Dee> hehehe <isleguy57> he sees it wevery day in the mirror 2
495 isleguy57 <MissMary58> dee? <DJ-Dee> yes dear? <MissMary58> cubby lets me push her buttons......... can i push yours too!!!!! <DJ-Dee> woohooo ! anytime ! <MissMary58> woot 3
496 isleguy57 gollyGeewhiz action (calls kat on phone again to near her moan in my ear while i rub her pussy). <SweetKat> Lmaooo...grabs my phone gee 2
497 isleguy57 <gollyGeewhiz> 4 rings <isleguy57> hehehehe <SweetKat> What??? <gollyGeewhiz> ffs voice mail <thunderbutt> 4 ringy dingys <isleguy57> hahahahaha <MissMary58> pick up yer fucking phone kat 2
498 isleguy57 <thunderbutt> <has good "bag pipes" I cant get the wife to blow 3
499 mirrors34 ballz63> ive had a thought reb <ballz63> youre the only one will understand <ballz63> i shall buy sunny a seven of nine star trek outfit for xmas <ballz63> and she can stun me with her french phaser <WWIIREBEL> ffs.... lol 8
500 DJ-IsleGuy <RadioPoverty> [DJ-IsleGuy on RadioPoverty is playing The Partridge Family - I Woke up in Love this Morning] [04:09] <gollyGeewhiz> kat sings that after our phone sex 14
501 DJ-IsleGuy [04:36] <SweetKat> Lol gee...u cheating on me already ffs??? lmaooo 6
502 streamer <isleguytwo - nick> nick streamer *** isleguytwo is now known as streamer <streamer> ohhhh baby 3
503 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz action (goes for that bonus). <mirrors34> scores 8
504 DJ^Gee ballz63> i no a secret about mirrors...@DJ^Gee> whats that ballz?..<ballz63> he likes being tickled on his toes till he laffs 7
505 MissMary58 <WWIIREBEL> <<had a sudden odd chill just crawl up spine,lol 3
506 MissMary58 <WWIIREBEL> MissMary58> tosses reb a sombrero <DJ-Dee> lol <DJ-Dee> never seen him in one of those <DJ-Dee> yet <DJ-Dee> lol <MissMary58> theres always a first time dee <DJ-Dee> very true ............. 3
507 isleguytwo <ballz63> tunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne thats dee with a new lovely doo <DJ^Aces> she was hot she is beep beep beeping beep........(this message has been censored) 2
509 acesOverKingsA <Garfieldcat> was thinking bthe same- i was almost hoping for a cock cam <~acesOverKingsA> Is that a Request Garfieldcat? 3
510 isleguy57 <MissMary58> <is nibbling on 18 yr old 13
511 isleguy57 * acesOverKingsA action (can watch porn on two monitors.....i can multitask damn it) 5
512 isleguy57 <DJ^Beam> gives Cubby some double A Batteries 3
513 MissMary58 <@DJ^Cubby> btw i use a Semi TRuck battery for my vibrator...ijs 8
514 MissMary58 <MissMary58> thinks isle would look good in tights .......hell he looks good in fancy pants 6
515 MissMary58 <SweetKat> Crap...almost spit <boxer53> ffs swallow kat dont spit <MamaBeam> (Spit or Swallow) 5
516 isleguy57 gollyGeewhiz action (slides in and kisses my margarita drinking, wild,crazy as fuck,dirty phone call katbiatch) <SweetKat> Lmaooo woot woot 4
517 MissMary58 <boxer53> so is commando....... <WWIIREBEL>THAT better not be leading to a kilt joke boxer,lol 1
518 NGee <@mirrors34> yeah geaorge strait I love that country singer 4
519 boxer53 Dee-BRB> im thinkin of just driving to reb's in a back hoe, that way he can get a good head start on a huge hole before he even says a word lmao 4
520 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> gee?..dee says she'll have to tether my ass up to sumthin next she leaves me alone,so i dont get outta control again,lol 2
521 acesOverKingsA <DJ^Gee> well the older i get the closer my boobs get to my knees WWIIREBEL> >calls Barnum n Baileys<.... hey dudes...we got an interetsing sideshow fer ya!! (uber Knee bewber of a woman) <welshoak02> lol <WWIIREBEL> >ducks down< 2
522 isleguytwo <acesOverKingsA> ok, my fingers hurt now 3
523 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> can you imagine us mirrors in the bath mirrors with a butt plug thered be no room for the soap 1
524 acesOverKingsA [21:23] <ballz63> i have an xboxe one and a ps4 and im playing with myeslf 2
525 MamaBeam ballz: notice the staff and managment cant be responsible for randy chiwawas (but mirrors will be) LMAO 9
526 apiratelooksat40 <DJ-Dee> no at 40 i woke up with pains in places i didnt even know i even had, sounded like a box of rice crispy's with all the snap crackin and poppin i was doin ffs lol 4
527 mirrors34 <xaviere> Hi golly are u the dickjockey in here 1
528 isleguytwo <SweetKat> Throws m&ms in dees cleavage hehehehehe 3
529 isleguytwo PghLindaCD action (sits wit' DJ-Dee and play wit' her knobs (Not THOSE knobs ya pervs!!)). <isleguy57> BS <DJ-Dee> shit, stop teasing linda ! 1
530 isleguytwo <PghLindaCD> DJ Quote: "Shit! ... It didn't work!" 2
531 mirrors34 <DJ^Gee> i was wrong 1
532 DJBeam <jinxyyy> <DJ^Beam> SMAKS Jinxy apside the Head <jinxyy> thats it threaten me with a good time @DJ^Beam 3
533 DJBeam <jinxyyy> �|�|�|�|�|�|�|�| " SMILE " DJ^Beam It's NOT you , The WORLDS Fuked UP|�|�|�|�|�|�|�|� 3
534 gollyGeewhiz <hotfireman50> so DJ you married to golly <gollyGeewhiz> lmao <sunny1> lol <DJ^Aces> lmao...not even with mirrors dick.. <gollyGeewhiz> lmao <DJ^Aces> i mean, no 6
535 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Cubby> uh oh this wine is going down to smooth tonight :p <aces> famous last words 3
536 Dj-Kori <RedHotHoney> was at a really weird party... ppl wearing blowsticks around erm... parts 3
537 jinxyyy <monkeygal2> <<< goes over to jinxy and wispers dirty things in his ear to see if he repeats them..<jinxyyy> suck my what ?? playing with my what ??? and your finger where ??? 4
538 jinxyyy <JohnGr53> do me gold in me pocket now lol..sheesh JohnGr53 I always knew you were a leprechaun.. 4
539 jinxyyy <copperheadsparky4> brb..* jinxyyy says " we hear you pee'ing copperheadsparky4".. <freckels> eeuw 3
540 jinxyyy <freckels> takes a huge piece of toiletpaper and stuffs it down jinxyyy's throat... <jinxyyy> thats NOT MY throat... 2
541 jinxyyy <DJ-IsleGuy> ������Thank You Thank You%%Blow Job������ 2
542 jinxyyy <thunderbutt> YOU CANT FIX REDNECK.. <jinxyyy> Nope.. it's a gift thunderbutt.. 1
543 mirrors34 <AussieJaxx> ummm ok good for u ballz u want a lolliepop lol <AussieJaxx> u would 2
545 MamaBeam <WWIIREBEL> A blonde goes into a bar and orders a beer. "Anheuser-Busch?" asks the bartender. "Fine, thanks. And how's your cock?" 8
546 DJBeam <DJ^Gee> I'm Sweet,Innocent Shy <DJ^Beam> when ? * jinxyyy throws a Dollar.. "she's happy now " 6
547 DJ^Gee <DJ^Gee> I'm Sweet,Innocent Shy <DJ^Beam> when ?<@DJ^Gee> when im sleeping<@DJ^Gee> hell not even when sleeping cuz i have naughty dreams 5
548 Gee-afk gollyGeewhiz has big balls just i wear mine on my chest and call em mine are still bigger then yours 6
549 MamaBeam <Gee-afk> !sign gollyGeewhiz has big balls just i wear mine on my chest and call em mine are still bigger then yours .... <jinxyyy> I agree gollyGeewhiz... lets come pair... let me put mine inbetween them and we'll Ummmmmmm Ummmmmm well �ever Mind 3
550 MamaBeam <jinxyyy> the more they fight.. Ummm well �ever Mind.......... <MamaBeam> tapes Jinxxxy's Mouth Shut ----- Great Duct Tape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ................. shut Up and Like it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3
551 MamaBeam DJ^Linda - Total Tuesday!! - Live on RadioPoverty! is playing The Cowsills - Hair............................ <MamaBeam> this song is such a tribite to Jinxxxxxxxy's Hair 2
552 MamaBeam DJ^Linda - Total Tuesday!! - Live on RadioPoverty! is playing The Cowsills - Hair............................ <MamaBeam> this song is such a tribite to Jinxxxxxxxy's Hair................................<WWIIREBEL> <<Looks like a chia pet w/ a sweater on! 2
553 jinxyyy <monkeygal2> i can understand judy going with jinxy to hold it for him but what did he hold.. <gollyGeewhiz> midnight confession..<jinxyyy> wisdom.. 2
554 DoDo6160 <@DJ-Dee> yes reb, my cat is mackeral tabby and maine coon, so ya, i got a big hairy pussy 4
555 DoDo6160 <@WWIIREBEL> so ya <DJ-Dee> i got a big hairy pussy lol 5
556 gollyGeewhiz <mirrors34> perfect but you dont have a nuns outfit do you? <mirrors34> im sure that would work <gollyGeewhiz> i used to but it became a habit <mirrors34> ffs <mirrors34> your very good 5
557 jinxyyy <DJ^Beam> so honest ---------- brutal ----------- with a goooooooooooood ending..<jinxyyy> sounds like sex with me.. 4
558 DJBeam WWIIREBEL's Daffy-nition for today - Premature ejaculation = a Spoil-Spurt. 4
559 Korimco gollyGeewhiz action (sprays fruit flavored febreeze in room since mirrors34 it smells like shitrus). 1
560 jinxyyy <Seemor> lmao poke me all you want there..<Seemor> I dont go there except twice a year.. 1
561 jinxyyy <WWIIREBEL> well.....the pic i posted just kinda/sorta fits with yer comment is all,lol.. <jinxyyy> I seen a creepy pic on <WWIIREBEL> 's FB.. he was naked wearing a Party hat.. and holdin a jar of vasoline.. an Eggbeater.. and had this Wicked Look on His Face 1
562 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> omg i went to the adlt superstore sunday.... and i saw they had a pole 1
563 DJ^Gee <@WWIIREBEL> HA!...thats it mirrors...get a lick o that....Golly - pop.... (digs hole) 6
564 acesOverKingsA <isleguy57> copper is hugging balls??? 3
565 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Fuck fuck fuck 2
566 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Whewww..... finally swallowed 5
567 MissMary58 <curious9992004> kind of like putting your quarter in a juke box and waiting to hear your song play. <MissMary58> don't worry curious .........we split the profits here 3
568 jinxyyy <DJ-Dee> dont need a 12 inch tongue , just need the tip to tickle the main switch ..<jinxyyy> switches are evil.. " that means there is an OFF button @DJ-Dee..<DJ-Dee> lol not id u do it right .. <DJ-Dee> not if u do it right , there isnt an off button <WWIIREBEL> <<will be bangin her...."button",lol..<WWIIREBEL> shes like a perpetual motion machine...always grinding, always swayin, alwaaaays hoppin! hehehehehehehehehehh..<WWIIREBEL> Its 4
569 jinxyyy <tyedye> Denise, Is the polar ice cap up there warming up yet? <jinx> Nope , But I like her HARD Nipples.. 3
570 jinxyyy <WWIIREBEL> <,will just have his face buried in dees when shes here,just sayin,lol (yes i went there).. <jinx> That will be on his Tombstone when he dies of lack of oxygen 2
571 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> if gees a guy im as bent as a boomerang 3
572 mood-killer <DJ_OE> first time gee was happy with 4 inches in her fucking life 3
573 jinxyyy <DJ^OE> if I have it I'll play it,, I'm rather limited,, but I'll do my best.. <jinx> it's NOT your member their talking about DJ^OE 1
574 jinxyyy <DJ^Beam> biker men = little meat on their buns.. <jinxyyy> but we have the best rides @DJ^Beam..<sunny1> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lala.. <DJ^Beam> YES --- I agreeeee Jinxxxy EWG 11
575 acesOverKingsA <NGee> need a HUGE one 2
576 MissMary58 Dj_kk action (is quicker than MissMary58). <MissMary58> we won't say at what eh KK? <Dj_kk> yeah at everything <Dj_kk> ok maybe not sex 3
577 DoDo6160 <@Dj-Kori> dont mind it a little thicker but was way too thick lmao 7
578 mirrors34 MissMary58> gimmie a bit ballz .....on the phone 6
579 acesOverKingsA OE is now known as CuntMuffin 3
580 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Over bon jovi? pffft...lmaoooo [21:12] <~acesOverKingsA> fuck Jon. [21:13] <SweetKat> I wish 4
581 mirrors34 <OE> and I'm a prick 3
582 isleguytwo <ballz63> teenage canjun red turtles 7
583 acesOverKingsA <@RadioPoverty> ffs katbitach you finally decided to use the floor to dance since thats where you always end up!! you go girl!! 7
584 isleguy57 <acesOverKingsA> i have an empty house........and i've already masterbated it's all RadioPoverty now. 3
585 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> oe id tell you to go fuck yaself but we all know you'd be very disappointed 1
586 mirrors34 <gollyGeewhiz> thinks im gonna start flirting with ballz now 2
587 acesOverKingsA <@IStrippedCubby> ok watch out took my first drink of wine 4
588 acesOverKingsA <mirrors34> ffs brb gotta change batteries <gollyGeewhiz> hey thats my line <mirrors34> pmsl 4
589 mirrors34 <SweetKat> Gee has a HUGE pussy 1
590 canoe DJ^Linda action (makes note: bring a sandwich for Kat next time (she's so ungry she's eating her leg)). 3
591 canoe <sunny1> Kat ? <sunny1> Can I lick your toes baby <SweetKat> Ummm...yesssssssss :) 2
592 MissMary58 <SweetKat> So i don't totally suck huh mirrors? lol 2
593 mirrors34 gollyGeewhiz action (slaps ballz hands with a ruler). * gollyGeewhiz action (snorts). 1
594 gollyGeewhiz hopsalong> golly knows it <mirrors34> knows all 3
595 mirrors34 ** NGee kicked gollyGeewhiz from channel (NGee). (does a welshy) 3
596 mirrors34 <apiratelooksat40> that i me mate playing Guitar on this <mirrors34> love boat? <apiratelooksat40> This was on a episode of love boat LOL <mirrors34> sounded familiar lmao <Dj-Kori> lmao 2
597 mirrors34 DJ^OE> so basically wonderwoman has a jar of peanut butter and offers scooby a scooby snack? <DJ^OE> <g> <DJ^OE> yes,, I am sick <DJ^OE> mentally ill even 3
598 OE <ballz63> you no we belong together me and you for ever no matter were you are ill be mirrors shining star <ballz63> home and away i love mirrors more each and every day <ballz63> i promise to go to sleep and not talk to any girls 1
599 acesOverKingsA <Dee> wow i think i just got horny lmao 1
600 jinxyyy * gollyGeewhiz flaps my angel wings.. <jinxyyy> you lost those when you fell from heaven gollyGeewhiz 7
601 jinxyyy <monkeygal2> lol i don believe in hell jiinxy..<jinxyyy> don't believe in HELL ?? "Hmmmmmmm she ain't met me has she "??<monkeygal2> or heaven for that fact..<jinxyyy> heaven of hell depends on the size of the tongue.... 1
602 Yogi_Bear <MissMary58> i've eaten bear also... <Yogi_Bear> she sure has,, 1
603 DJ^Gee <ballz63> in the year 2525 ill have finally swam to canada......<hopsalong> you twat ballz should of flew#.....<JohnGr53> poor ballz his balls was eaten by the sharks lol 7
605 jinxyyy <gollyGeewhiz> <<<< santas ho ho ho..<Santa> cum and sit on my lap lil girl.. HeheHehe and Ho Ho Ho 4
606 jinxyyy <jinxyyy> [@DJ^Cubby]: Needs some dick.. she's laughing too much..<gollyGeewhiz> see jinx she dont need some dick she just got the finger..<jinxyyy> [@DJ^Cubby]: just got fingered ?? Oh My Gawd " and me with out cams " 3
607 acesOverKingsA <@MissMary58> oh from that pic i thought you had one aces 3
608 DJ^Gee ballz63> we could have a jmeeting sit in till its fixed ballz63> ill sit next to reb 3
609 mirrors34 DJ^Beam> Oh and By The Way ----- Tune IN ----- Or ......................get out !!!!! 2
610 jinxyyy <mirrors34> no complaints here.... no-one listens anyway :-)<jinxyyy> huh mirrors34 ?? listens to what ?? 2
611 FUN <DJ^Beam> Thank You guys ----------- I had FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <FUN> ?�?�?�?�?�?�?�? 1
612 jinxyyy <nat1968> Oh My Gawd i can see the sun out of sunnys window Laughing Out Loud.. <jinxyyy> thats just sunny1's ass , it so cold up there they don't tan anymore. 1
613 mirrors34 <ballz63> if sunny played tennis against reb id be rebs ball boy 1
614 nat1968 [20:36] <ballz63> its our identical eyebrows 2
615 mirrors34 <ballz63> me and mirrors are phsycic <mirrors34> i fuck he cums 4
616 nat1968 <ballz63> its our identical eyebrows <ballz63> me and mirrors are phsycic <mirrors34> i fuck he cums 6
617 mirrors34 <ballz63> the best thing about playing tennis in canada is after the game you can double up the rackets as snow shoes for the walk home 2
618 nat1968 616 3
619 isleguytwo <copperheadsparky4> splain that one lucy <Seemor> psst copper go back to playing ur game <copperheadsparky4> pffttt 1
620 isleguytwo <OE> << fuckstick 2
621 isleguytwo <copperheadsparky4> pm slut nat lmao <copperheadsparky4> go girl go 3
622 mirrors34 <andyUSA> Kinky Kaola plays the worst music -- just sayin 2
623 jinxyyy <acesOverKingsA> ok, new bush pic posted.......... <jinx> So what are you saying ?? you like them SHAVED ?? 3
624 jinxyyy <voyager2go> i come to this room when i wanna be alone and talk to myself..<jinxyyy> me too voyager2go... but the voices keep talking Back 1
625 Dj-Kori MissMary58> and hacks up a koriball (instead of furball) 2
626 jinxyyy <copperheadsparky4> do you have any idea how many trees there are on the happy trails to my house lmao... <jinxyyy> <------------ lays my m,orning WOOD on the truck to copperheadsparky4's house....... !!!!!!!! 4
627 jinxyyy <Seemor> okay will make a request to you from me ........ <DJ^Prodigy> ok? <Seemor> Hail to the King !!!!!!! - Avenged Sevenfold <DJ^Prodigy> k <Seemor> lmao bet you were getting scared LOL <DJ^Prodigy> a lil <Seemor> pats Prodigy on back ... Hail to the King of Saturday night rock <DJ^Prodigy> thks bro <Seemor> damn i have a bad taste in my mouth ...oh wait ...i just kissed 2
628 MissMary58 <MissMary58> I think i left my halo up some guys's ass ......hehehe 2
629 DJBeam <MissMary58> and then some burp and fart at the same time 2
630 acesOverKingsA <WWIIREBEL> A husband emerged from his bathroom naked and was climbing into bed when his wife complained, as usual,..... "I have a headache." <WWIIREBEL> "Perfect," her husband said. "I was just in the bathroom powdering my dick with aspirin. You can take it orally or as a suppository, it's up to you!" 1
631 acesOverKingsA @DJ^Gee agrees with aces 1
632 MissMary58 <WWIIREBEL> <<<the anti hugger,lol <MissMary58> <ties reb down and puts a modified thumb screw on his big toe .....until he learns to like hugsssss> 1
633 OE <Seemor> wasnt that slow ..i was in a hot pm and didnt notice really not my fault .... damn ballz 3
634 OE <Seemor> omg talk about wrong hole 1
635 NGee <Seemor> lol OE wait til I get to ya .. .wont be ur face that hurts ...well .. 4
636 NGee <ballz63> reb if its a night shirt youre making when you with me you dont need to wear one 4
637 OE <ballz63> my fave song ever is sunny john farnahms i have a great penis i want to shout it out loud 1
638 jinxyyy yup yup 1
639 forgets acesOverKingsA action (hides his knob) <MissMary58> whew thanks aces hand was getting tired 1
640 jinxyyy <DJ^Beam> Laughing Out Loud ---- My horns are holding my very rusted and dented halo in place... <jinxyyy> bs she cut the halo down into horns..... 10
641 isleguytwo sunny1> i would like to request a...... Butt Plug 3
642 MissMary58 <Screwtape> i love to make out to this song. <Screwtape> Maroon S makes me analinguis. <MissMary58> get a room you too 1
643 MamaBeam <ballz63> everytime i hear this i want to stick lobsters down rebels pants and watch him dance to this track 3
644 mirrors34 <ballz63> id do skippy the kangaroo if hed stop jumpoing <mirrors34> very gifted roo <ballz63> if he were an american president sir hes be called roo savelt 5
645 OE <JohnGr53> welsh use goats we scots doe sheeps lol 2
646 gollyGeewhiz <ballz63> i no id sail on dj pirtaes poop deck any day 8
647 isleguytwo <OE> "run" <MamaBeam> in your pantyhose again OE ????? 9
648 MissMary58 <MissMary58> quint dodo .....guess what these are for? <DJ-Radar> earrings? <Quintessence> pubic hair??? <MissMary58> depends on if you can part it or not quint!!!!!!!! 6
649 gollyGeewhiz <ballz63> swingin vines seemore you be tarzan ill be youre jame....<DJ_Idiot> wonders if he is going to swing on my vine hmmmmmmmmmm 6
650 acesOverKingsA <OE> <@MamaBeam> that Jizz loooked very yummy 4
651 acesOverKingsA <@MamaBeam> that Jizz loooked very yummy <@MamaBeam> and ev1 said it tasted like heaven 2
652 acesOverKingsA <@welshoak02> del he stuffs that down his pants and wears tight jeans in hope ppl think he gotta biggun............................... 1
653 gollyGeewhiz <OE> masterbate? that is what I do when the wife is gone.....if I had a wife. 5
654 isleguy57 <delicious25> KK just take a good sleeping pill and hope u don't wake up before the dream is over ;) 2
655 DJBeam <WWIIREBEL> >grabs barf bag< 3
656 DJBeam >grabs barf bag< 4
657 DJBeam <ballz63> can i adust youre staight jacket for you reb 9
658 DJBeam <ballz63> beamers chawawas are randier than savage the wwe wrestler 2
659 DJBeam <OE> that's road RASH isle and you got it at the truck stop,, so don't lie to us 1
660 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> kat was a rather pokey biotch eh cubby??? 2
661 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> kat got more finger exercise than any1 i know ffs 1
662 isleguy57 <IStrippedCubby> you been eating beets Kat?? your face is as red as one 1
663 isleguy57 <IStrippedCubby> you been eating beets Kat?? your face is as red as one <acesOverKingsA> Kat eating beets again? <IStrippedCubby> and fingering too 1
664 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Kiss that cubby <DJ^Cubby> well i could of said..ding ding dinners done..lmao 2
665 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Bet i can make him rise 2
666 isleguy57 <copperheadsparky4> lol wise ass <catzz> how come you always bring up my ass? 10
667 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Bends over for..............<isleguy57> spankkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 4
668 isleguy57 * PghLindaCD action (grabs a ticket to spank Kat. #12.584 .... What The Fawk). 4
669 isleguy57 <DJ^Cubby> you get one cheek isle i'll ge the other one <SweetKat> :)))) isle <isleguy57> my hand is big enuff to get both....oh wait, is that the paddle? 2
670 isleguy57 <DJ^Cubby> yeah isle her fingers need more exercise <runs like hell> <SweetKat> Practicing for vegassssssssss baby...lmaooooooooo 1
671 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Bite me cubby <DJ^Cubby> he got fingered <SweetKat> Is that why hes smiling????????? <PghLindaCD> Kat shows middle finger, and cubby plays "good feeling" ... coinsindence? .... I don't think so!! 1
672 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Blow baby blow 3
673 isleguy57 * DJ^Cubby action (wonder if kat whistles while fingering). 1
674 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> and kat does her trademark facepalm followed by more redness,LOL <SweetKat> Hateeeeeeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 2
675 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> she be pokin'! ...she be pokin'! oh wait....oops<copperheadsparky4> bend over reb 2
676 isleguy57 * DJ^Cubby action (sings my kat like to finger all the la la). <DJ^Cubby> see she almost did it <PghLindaCD> when she does, you buy wo tickets to paradise DJ^Cubby?? 6
677 LilyPad * DJ^Cubby action (gets on her lily pad). <DJ^Cubby> kat don't make my lily pad laugh or i'll get a bath 3
678 OE <@DJ^Gee> Im the ONLY sane one here 7
679 acesOverKingsA <@NGee> aces you are a wise man (yes im admitting it for all to see) 29
680 OE [19:37] <@NGee> aces you are a wise man (yes im admitting it for all to see) 5
681 OE <!DJ^Aces> more than three times you were playing with it 3
682 isleguytwo <Prym8> dont worry you still have plenty of tits left Mary 3
683 MamaBeam <MamaBeam> <DJ^Beam> hmmmmmmmmm Prym8 ---- sounds like u need a different "stocking" ??? <Prym8> and noooooo I am not wearin your nylons beam 3
684 isleguytwo <acesOverKingsA> Gee are such a good friend that if we were on a sinking ship together and there was only one life jacket… I’d miss you heaps and think of you often. 1
685 isleguy57 <WWIIREBEL> <adultmale> i guess he's telling that box wine dealer to scram ........ AM??? its not called boxed wine anymore ...its called "CardBoardeux" now!! 6
686 WWIIREBEL <MissMary58> i get all the funny lines in RP....... it's in my contract .....Linda said so 150
687 acesOverKingsA <NGee> john the way i feel right now you could out run me 3
688 OE <ballz63> i bet gees sucked a few heads in her time 33
689 DJBeam <Dj_kk> i have to use both hands to go to the loo my penis so huge and heavy 7
690 DJ^Gee <ballz63> you can trust me seemore im still the guy thought taco bell was an american phone company 4
691 gollyGeewhiz <ballz63> seemore to me is the fith member of the beegegges in the voice crossed with the sound of a candian tennis player cos he plays with my ballz 4
692 islegyu57 [23:09] <jinxyyy> just pucker your lips and BLOWWWWW SweetKat.. whoops thats a kiss.. NeveR MinD 1
693 islegyu57 <SweetKat> I almost did isle 1
694 islegyu57 <acesOverKingsA> hehe, i love to never happens much 1
695 WWIIREBEL <ballz63> i can rember gees indian name <ballz63> its pochahooters 10
696 DJ^Gee <Seemor> is okay ballz i love you everynight and hate myself in the morning 3
697 WWIIREBEL <WWIIREBEL> <<Has finally figured out which celebrities can be matched to JM users (Guys)in poverty,lol...... welshoak n JohnGr53 = Statler n Waldorf..... Ballz63 n krazycuthy = Abbott & Costello .......... PGHLinda,Boxer53,OE = 3 Stooges >Speshul mention< AcesOverkings = Clark Gable ...cause he dont give a damn...or a fuck 4
698 MamaBeam <WWIIREBEL> <copperheadsparky4> i missed beams big dick ffs............ "FFS copper, dont confuse me!!!!" 2
699 isleguy57 <copperheadsparky4> I don't have a bush 3
700 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> ffs i have headset hair 10
701 acesOverKingsA <MrsNest> how many have u had <gollyGeewhiz> ome <MrsNest> shit, omg, stop drinking now, u can't spell one 14
702 gollyGeewhiz ballz63> lmao ill carry youre sack anywere aces 3
703 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> lmao ill carry youre sack anywere aces, <gollyGeewhiz> Mee too Aces! 5
704 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Gee> damn aces you good <MistressWTD_> isnt he 3
705 DJ^Gee @DJ^Gee> damn aces you good <MistressWTD_> isnt he @DJ^Gee> for what im still trying to figure out 4
706 isleguy57 <SweetKat> Uh huh...almost spit ffs 7
707 DJ^Gee <@welshoak02> grow your own dope plant a @DJ^Gee> yeah men plants are easy to care for they make their own fertilizer they full of shit 12
708 DJ^Gee <ballz63> if seemore turns up tell him ive been waiting for him all night in my birthday suit 10
709 isleguy57 <gollyGeewhiz> after tis bottle the speeling starts to suck 12
710 isleguy57 <gollyGeewhiz> people say i have A D D they just dont understand me thats ohhhhhhhhhh look a duck 9
711 DJ^Gee <darch> what my wife named my dick when i cum too fast....Jimmy John..son :) 9
712 acesOverKingsA <copperheadsparky4> she may be a bug in O/E "S EAR <!acesOverKingsA> Gee is a bug? 6
713 isleguy57 <PghLindaCD> I found a cpl buttons to push on your body Kat, I'm sory to report none of them were mute. Laughing Out Loud 17
714 gollyGeewhiz <acesOverKingsA> wait, your right [20:08] * Gee always right [20:08] <acesOverKingsA> Yep. 11
715 DJ^Gee <ballz63> i cant handle gee and cubby at the same time it would be like reading fifty shades of grey and the kamasutra on a rollercoaster in a fun park upside down 9
716 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> and you a fine one aces 3
717 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> ohhhh over here ClasiLadiToo we get paid in love and admiration from our wonderful loving wise boss 6
718 acesOverKingsA <@wayno0413> list of chiks that want suma this..lmao 3
719 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Prodigy> im moistening them chairs gurlzzzzzzzzzz 5
720 acesOverKingsA <Gee> aces honeyyy you wonderful intelligent brillant man wise man 5
721 OE <gollyGeewhiz> you're crazy and im outta my mind 2
722 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> my pussy even cleans itself...I mean cat 3
723 DJBeam Del's Word of the Day: Tchew = Sneeze on Ass 7
724 acesOverKingsA <MrsNest> women want men's faces and men want women's pussies on cam lol <MrsNest> and women get cocks and men get women's faces 2
725 MamaBeam <delicious25> duct tape = also new form of waxing 1
726 DJBeam <OE> del prefers "Mini-gherkins" aces 4
727 DJBeam <DJ^Aces> ok, OE just for you i'm gonna pull my dick out........get the microscope ready. 2
728 delicious25 <brihic> i use viagra to get things to work 2
729 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> <<bets she dont recall dancin nekkid on cam either,LOL <SweetKat> yes i remeber that 4
730 delicious25 <ballz63> i like to swallow 21
731 delicious25 <bartender> and sor are my balls 24
732 delicious25 <TeasinTigz> respect the bean !!!! 97
733 Rfactor <delicious25> I don't know everything 8
734 delicious25 <bartender> id rather u kick me in the nuts 23
735 Dj-Kori <WWIIREBEL> Ffs..... i just realized something..... If my hat were green and i were wearing green suspender coveralls i'd look like freaking Luigi from Mario Brothers!! Uuuuugh 6
736 Dj-Kori WWIIREBEL> Ok,its up 9
737 delicious25 <Rfactor> Don't be mean to the bean 13
738 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> has NO comeback to that aces...ya shut me 1
739 acesOverKingsA <GollyGeewhiz> Likes stiff ones 6
740 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> im aces right hand man needs he doesnt need to wank 7
741 acesOverKingsA <GollyGeewhiz> CubbysigetdrunkpassoutonairmutherfuvkingFshow 1
742 newhopegirl PghLindaCD action (takes DJ^Cubby's straw). 4
743 DJ^Gee @welshoak02> the only thing that stops me being here is any health probs or the missus offering a bj but as me health is pretty good and the other option is non existent means i here everynight;) 3
744 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> aces is on air how can i be bored 1
745 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> *waits for someone to quote that* 6
746 delicious25 <DJ^Aces> yeah, i've had bigger, actually these are balls? 5
747 NGee * OE teabags aces just cause...<!DJ^Aces> yeah, i've had bigger, actually these are balls? 3
748 delicious25 <ballz63> i wouldnt know that gee seemore was behind me at the time 4
749 delicious25 <gollyGeewhiz> im going down <DJ^Aces> again? <DJ^Aces> ok, let me get it up * gollyGeewhiz action (goes down) 7
750 Rfactor <TeasinTigz> hey I would replace teq with hot sex any day 6
751 acesOverKingsA <!DJ^Aces> we need to weed out the spitters from the swallowers in here.........<@copperheadsparky4> pleads the 5th 2
752 acesOverKingsA <!DJ^Aces> we need to weed out the spitters from the swallowers in here.........<@copperheadsparky4> pleads the 5th <@delicious25> all I can say is I don't spit 4
753 OE [21:00] <@delicious25> I'm hormonal 7
754 Shrek [22:36] <@delicious25> u mean to tell me u don't know how to clean up jizz? [22:36] <@delicious25> how do u not know this 2
755 newhopegirl <DJ^Linda> TeasinTigz> omfg my Kat is in heat 4
756 OE <SweetKat> i have a talented pussy...what can i say.... 5
757 OE <SweetKat> waves my ass <@delicious25> u can wave your ass? 8
758 delicious25 <gollyGeewhiz> roses are red and violets soon die, Just think how bad that Crow wants to be a Butterfly.....jealousy from the Crow because they have to share the sky. The Butterfly's flight is reason to stare, the Crow's just reason to cry. Everyone stops to get a glance of a Butterfly. So ya see Aces must be the crow and Gee the butterfly, because he is a prick and she is beauty and belongs in the sky 17
759 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> The Sky is Full, The Master writes his PLOT, The butterfly is glorious, the crow gets shot. 9
760 DJ^Gee <ballz63> ill brb im of to stick the ballet box full of vote for dj gee not only will she make the world a better place dohnuts will be free to every one and blake shelton and gary allen can be her night time bedside presidential bodys gaurds and kevin cost ner will deliver her fan mail from garth brooks to the presidentail front door 9
761 Korimco DJ^Brian> bri's finger resting on rf's button now lmao 3
762 MissMary58 <MissMary58> hands kat the strapon..........your turn kat <SweetKat> lmaooo linda,,, i did that hours ago ffs 7
763 newhopegirl <SweetKat> "if you want songs.....go elsewhere. KIDDING!!" 6
764 delicious25 <gollyGeewhiz> i have a poem..... love is sweet as summer showers.. love isa wonderous work of art...but your love oh your love.... your love is like a giant pigeon crapping on my heart 9
765 acesOverKingsA <DJ_WalkingMutherFuckingOE> cause EVERYONE wants a hoovering cracklin slurping coonass like gee eating all yer good shit 2
766 Rfactor <copperheadsparky4> o/e you just wanted me to eat you 3
767 Rfactor <Sweetkat> i have to agree with ballz 5
768 delicious25 <DJ^Gee> im doing wtd, wtd is doing aces, and oe is doing himself as usual!! 10
769 gollyGeewhiz <ballz63> im with you on rafting josh most of my women are inflatible like rafts 7
770 acesOverKingsA <!DJ^Aces> i like the kinky ones. [20:01] <SweetKat> then u would fucking ADORE me aces.... IJS....hehehehe 3
771 delicious25 <ballz63> i can get abig woody 8
772 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> Really really needs to learn to STFU <WWIIREBEL agrees 2
773 delicious25 <WWIIREBEL> RE-Cap......<<<<learned ,that when googling dental conditions like "Dry socket" make sure to add "dental" in the descript... i got porn instead ffs!! 3
774 acesOverKingsA <OE> or a colonostomy every day for the rest of my life,,, waity,, no,, even I would enjoy that 2
775 acesOverKingsA <mikeinstlouis> id suck golly like a tick 1
776 delicious25 <Rfactor> 2 times in one night I feel special 2
777 DJ^Gee [17:34] * acesOverKingsA bows to Gee 9
778 DJ^Gee @DJ^Gee since i gave ya wife her last orgasm 2
779 delicious25 <acesOverKingsA> Gee, give me some tips. 2
780 acesOverKingsA <acesOverKingsA> Gee, give me some nips. 4
781 DJ^Gee @DJ^Gee since i gave ya wife her last orgasm <acesOverKingsA> Gee, give me some tips. 7
782 acesOverKingsA <acesOverKingsA> mines too hot to chug 4
783 jinxyyy <jinxyyy> so you getting nasty nexy weekend ?? <Melanie69> xxxx doing it hot pink next friday :D 1
784 Gee <@WWIIREBEL> ok..i got nuttin.. in my head...really i dont,lol 1
785 newhopegirl <DJ^Gee> I pray for Aces... i pray a flower pot falls from a window sill and knocks him in the head like I'd like too� 3
786 delicious25 gollyGeewhiz action (needs something hard to suck on). 17
787 delicious25 <gollyGeewhiz> i can suck on a hard one for a long time 2
788 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Gee> aces... you is kind, you is smart, you is important 1
789 MissMary58 <DJ^Gee> im a chain sucker lol 14
790 delicious25 <DJ^Gee> yes aces.... when the one im sucking on gets smaller i stick a new hard one in and suck on both 2
791 MissMary58 <Mrshotsambal> thats why I blow and wait 4
792 delicious25 * gollyGeewhiz action (pets my own pussy). 5
793 Rfactor <BassAckwards> lick the bean. Love the Bean. Cream the Bean! 104
794 delicious25 * Melanie69 action (wants a cock). 4
795 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> I want a big, thick golden cock! 12
796 Gee <!acesOverKingsA> RadioSesameStreet - This segment has been brought to you by the letter Geeeeeeeeeeeeee and the number 69 4
797 acesOverKingsA <delicious25> says the one who has a va jay jay that looks like a bath tub 1
798 delicious25 <Peolu> u was cracking up not on crack MMm 1
799 delicious25 <BassAckwards> been playing with ist for 8 hrs straight 25
800 delicious25 gollyGeewhiz action (can work ya cawk). 3
801 DJ^Gee <ballz63> itnot only is gere good at music seemore and cooking she has 2 talents most men like her voice when she says y all and her cajun one fingered greeting when aces turns up 1
802 jinxyyy <ballz63> itnot only is gere good at music seemore and cooking she has 2 talents most men like her voice when she says y all and her cajun one fingered greeting when aces turns up.. <jinxyyy> I like it when she calls him a CoonAss... 1
803 newhopegirl <ballz63> i tried wearing tight jeans once jinxxy i tried singing i sounded like elmo of sesame street on helium 1
804 Melanie69 <TowDaddY> mmm that sounds good actually jack and cock 3
805 acesOverKingsA <@Melanie69> Awwww thats freaking adorabubble!!!!! 5
806 delicious25 <Melanie69> Thats what I say about some guys dicks too 4
807 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> I want a big, thick golden cock! <bodysurfer> rabbits make my arse wonky 2
808 jinxyyy <Melanie69> fk golf with a BIG stick! <Jinxyyy> mell you mean fuck golf with a big, thick golden stick ?? 2
809 jinxyyy <TeasinTigz> got Kat jigging... <Jinxyyy> is that what you call it TeasinTigz ?? I thought she sat on her vibrator again... 4
810 jinxyyy <TeasinTigz> omfg I just ft-ed this tune... someone slap me... Jinxyyy slaps TeasinTigz with a....with a......with a.....well..ummm how about with a....naw, ok I about the.....ooh no, that would be dumb...umm ok ok Jinxyyy simply just slaps TeasinTigz 6
811 jinxyyy <SweetKat> oh fuck... <Jinxyyy> some one horny ?? 2
812 jinxyyy <----------- Prays for RFactor... <delicious25> man I'm hormonal 2day :s <delicious25> I almost ripped a dude's balls off :) 11
813 jinxyyy <GForce1> G doesn't Perv, Merely takes an interest in what others want to share on cam :P .. <Jinxyyy> Thats bs .. 1
814 jinxyyy <BassAckwards> cuddling on cam... <Jinxyyy> Oh thats what their calling it now days BassAckwards ?? <Jinxyyy> you can tell us BassAckwards.. she really has you in a head lock with her legs.. we won't tell we promise.. <Jinxyyy> your secrets safe with us.....!!! 3
815 Melanie69 <Melanie69> I Licks It, I Owns It! 119
816 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> damn aces, ya good 2
817 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> but you have a big one aces 2
818 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> prolly the only one im brutaly honest with. <gollyGeewhiz> aces you are so wonderful and great there is no one on earth better then you, best person, best dj, best guy ever!! 1
819 jinxyyy <PghLindaCD> nope. not me Jinxyyy .. I dod look for a carpetners tune for ya, none there! ... Laughing Out Loud... <jinxyyy> But im sure you'll Up load some.. right PghLindaCD.. 2
820 DJJinx <Melanie69> <@DJ^Jinx>: Rocks My Socks! <Dj^Jinx> and Burns pantys as well... 6
821 MissMary58 <ballz63> id have married you dj hot sam for youre record colection if mrs hot sam handt have spotted you first 3
822 MissMary58 <ballz63> i always wanted a batter operated buzz toy 3
823 Melanie69 <!DJ^Aces> i prefer HUGE COCK 8
824 jinxyyy WWIIREBEL wonders what he did now............. <Jinxyyy> don't ask WWIIREBEL.............. 1
825 jinxyyy <Melanie69> my "fuck me" boots got ruined :\ <Jinxyyy> Sorry I didn't mean to throw them into the celing Fan.. 2
826 jinxyyy <DJ^Linda> !bossbitch I love you (but no way in hell you are geting my pink skirt!) <Jinxyyy> !bossbitch I love you (but no way in hell you are geting my pink skirt!) <Jinxyyy> you can have mine - I stole it from DJ^Linda ..... 2
827 newhopegirl <Melanie69> I ALWAYS had bigger balls than you Dork 1
828 acesOverKingsA * Seemor is now known as Noone 2
829 Melanie69 <!DJ^Aces> i'll see if I can get it up 1
830 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> <--- shy , Innocent, and somewhat sane.. <newhopegirl> <--------------grabs my BS card.. <Jinxyyy> My nose started growing.. I had to give that statement up.. 4
831 jinxyyy <acesOverKingsA> my written has improved as well... <Jinxyyy> So that hooked On Phonic's is working then... 3
832 acesOverKingsA <Jinxyyy> what NO ASS @acesOverKingsA ?? What The F*ck [21:41] <!acesOverKingsA> You are a fan of the dudes ass, huh Jinx 2
833 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> what NO ASS @acesOverKingsA ?? What The F*ck [21:41] <!acesOverKingsA> You are a fan of the dudes ass, huh Jinx... <Jinxyyy> nahhh but the woman like to see them......... 2
834 jinxyyy <DJ^Whorette> i'm replaceable <jinxyy> NOT for a Friend your not... 1
835 jinxyyy <iJizzALittleWhenILaugh> hope is eternal, hype is momentary. I stand by my statement.... <Jinxyyy> you mean newhopegirl is gonna' live forever iJizzALittleWhenILaugh ?? 1
836 newhopegirl <ballz63> ive seen jinxxy dance hes a bit like fred astaire crossed with chewbakka in chaps 1
837 jinxyyy <needsafix1> i was asked to make two mini cock cakes today ... <Jinxyyy> hey that look famillier... did you copy that small thing from my pic's needsafix1 ?? Im Honored!!! 2
838 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> he says your "gettin' it tonight Good" <IAngelCa> pfffft...nope not till tomorrow...lmao...<Jinxyyy> so he's on a schedule ??<Jinxyyy> wow he is Trained.... 3
839 newhopegirl <Lysdexic> the grand premise of this joke is that it's impossible for a lysdexic to properly acknowlege a BassAckwards 1
840 Melanie69 <@DJ^Cubby> w00t!!! got darch up 3
841 jinxyyy <@DJ^Cubby> w00t!!! got darch up..... <Jinxyyy> and @DJ^Cubby didn't even show anything ... yet 1
842 jinxyyy <RAFJATSI> <<<<<<<<<slaps self... <Jinxyyy> Bet he like it too !! 2
843 jinxyyy <Melanie69> Just get the gurney ... easier and quicker...... <Melanie69> did I say that out loud! <jinxyyy> Um nope I didn't see Nuffin' Melanie69... 1
844 jinxyyy <newhopegirl> <------------played the organ at band camp.... <Jinxyyy> what was his name newhopegirl... "The Organ Doner".......... 1
845 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> how do i enter u cubby ? 44
846 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> ok its official ive entered cubby lol 31
847 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> i like jizz dancer 2
848 DJJinx <loveableone> shaved my pussy though... <DJ^Jinx> and you didn't let us watch.. sheesh ...and you didn't let us watch ?? <DJ^Jinx> some friend you are loveableone......!! 3
849 Melanie69 <IAngelCa> how loose would u like it Ace? 5
850 Melanie69 <IAngelCa> I can get three fingers in there Ace we good..:) 5
851 newhopegirl <mumbo> no worries aces, it's the female genitalia. it baffles everyone. <dj^Aces> it's not the genitailia that confuses me, it's the brain attached to it 3
852 newhopegirl <newhopegirl> what's facebook ? <dj^Aces> the place where you have no friends 3
853 MissMary58 <toadman> makes a note dont pm RP lol 3
854 Melanie69 <Melanie69> I can give ya more Cubsychu ...ijs 2
855 Melanie69 <pitmaster> crazy, quit touching that hole ... <MentalMidget> its mine i can touch it when i wanna ... <MentalMidget> poke poke poke 4
856 Melanie69 <MentalMidget> this hole getting bigger <MentalMidget> now imma poke it more 1
857 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> its not been out for years 1
859 newhopegirl <Jinxyyy> <SweetKat> men just do NOT listen <Jinxyyy> we DO listen... Just NOT to you...... <SweetKat> FU <Jinxyyy> �aughing Out �oud :-D 3
860 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> <SweetKat> men just do NOT listen <Jinxyyy> we DO listen... Just NOT to you...... <SweetKat> FU <Jinxyyy> �aughing Out �oud :-D.. <Jinxyyy> Like there is a problem.... 4
861 jinxyyy DJ^Linda checks #RadioPoverty.r room script ... I'm looking for the part where copperheadsparky4 gets all the funny lines..... <jinxyyy> it's in her script @DJ^Linda.... 2
862 acesOverKingsA <newhopegirl> <Melanie69> I always say, try everything twice, just to make sure ;) I always say, try everything twice, just to make sure ;) 3
863 acesOverKingsA <EmeraldLady> 12 inches <!dj^Aces> is that a request? 1
864 Melanie69 <acesOverKings> i'd rather be half dead than half alive.........write that down. 1
865 Melanie69 <@SweetKat`> lmaooo doing the finger thing with kat 4
866 bodysurfer [19:02] <@SweetKat`> ugggggggggg lukey 4
867 Melanie69 <SweetKat> im not on much but I get off a lot 4
868 Melanie69 <Seemor> omg Aces that looked like you were drinking your own urine sample ...because well,, I know what that looks like??? 1
869 Melanie69 <!acesOverKingsA> I told my kids yesterday.......don't do what I did when I was young.......I was a slut and its how I got stuck with yer mom 2
870 Melanie69 <SweetKat> but then again...i aint right in the head...haha 4
871 bodysurfer <SweetKat> fuck 98
872 Melanie69 <SweetKat> I got the hot tomales with the home made sauce ... I have some rump roast as well that I twerk while I'm playing with my tomales 199
873 bodysurfer <SweetKat> wow...just wow 75
874 bodysurfer <newhopegirl> =========wow Kat========= you are popular 21
875 Melanie69 <SweetKat> i just got a little chubby 10
876 bodysurfer Melanie69> Cubsy - I almost had the whole damn thing down my throat! 6
877 Melanie69 <!acesOverKingsA> my tunes are fucked, I think the DJ just said there was some good music back in the 80's <!acesOverKingsA> I was there, he isn't pulling the wool over my eyes <!acesOverKingsA> well, it was 10 years. there was a few 2
878 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> 1sign <!acesOverKingsA> my tunes are fucked, I think the DJ just said there was some good music back in the 80's <!acesOverKingsA> I was there, he isn't pulling the wool over my eyes <!acesOverKingsA> well, it was 10 years. there was a few <acesOverKingsA> What a tard, here is a ! for ya 2
879 acesOverKingsA <IStrippedCubby> was just thinking of trick or treaters that go to kats door on halloween...wonder if they would get a mini rumproast or mini tamales with hot sauce 3
880 bodysurfer <SweetKat> says nothing about five fingers 2
881 bodysurfer <EmeraldLady> some like a hot poker? 2
882 bodysurfer <RAFJATSI> this guy got the fingers 3
883 bodysurfer <SweetKat> bunch of arses in here...ijs 2
884 Melanie69 <SweetKat> im wondering if i can get it in here too 1
885 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> I watched IJizzALittle gag on cam when he tried it lmao 1
886 bodysurfer <Doctorbug_afk> so how u need cubby ? 2
887 Melmor <OE> i hope so,,,, I'm getting tired of buying cucumbers 1
888 Melmor <!dj^Aces> can't tell you how many times a woman has told me <TooTTsiE_RoLL> i cant tell you how dissapointed 2
889 Melmor <TooTTsiE_RoLL> if i could go to another it'd either be ffdp or metallica <Seelanie> and five finger i am working on ....think they might be coming here when mel is here <Melmor> You'll have to come visit now TooTs :P TooTTsiE_RoLL> if he gets 3 tickets I'll show up 2
890 Melanie69 Look Out! Flying Strapons! 3
891 jinxyyy <SweetKat> well i do braid my boob hair... <jinxyyy> now thats TALLENT there... 4
892 bodysurfer @SweetKat> lmaoooooo how do u get me off ? 9
893 bodysurfer @SweetKat> freaking hate u right now 2
894 bodysurfer <shadowfromok> but im a good fuker 3
895 bodysurfer <!acesOverKingsA> my cock would never come out to play at those temps not that it does when it's warm 4
896 Melanie69 <SweetKat> yeah...but i think i might want to lose it again...LOL <Seemor> lmao ... psst SK .. hate to break it to ya .. you can only loose ur virginity once ... again aint happening 1
897 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> admit it Kat, the hair gets ya moist <SweetKat> uggggg i know 7
898 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat`> grrrrrrrr 4
899 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat`> ugggggggg 4
900 acesOverKingsA <Doctorbug_afk> <acesOverKingsA> here at RadioPoverty, we have handjobs worked out to a science 4
901 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> we blame you for no reason 5
902 bodysurfer <SweetKat> wooofuckinghoooooooo 7
903 bodysurfer <@DJ^Brian> it should be --- wooofuckingfingerhoooooooo -- lol 8
904 acesOverKingsA <TooTTsiE_RoLL> just fucking play the music 3
905 acesOverKingsA * IStrippedCubby is now known as Whore 6
906 acesOverKingsA <FortunaUK> licked myself out 6
907 bodysurfer <Isla_> will be acre fukk what i say and not to put my foot in my mouth 2
908 bodysurfer <Isla_> you shit 2
909 Melanie69 <Melanie69> Lukey found more randoms lol <bodysurfer> he so did <bodysurfer> 28 and 20 <bodysurfer> im going to smoke weed with them upstairs 5
910 acesOverKingsA <homerj> i love it long 1
911 Seemor NetworkStud takes out his wallet ... NetworkStud pretends to take something out ... <Melanie69> the rubber from when you were 15? 10
912 bodysurfer <Seemor> <<< never been quoted 3
913 bodysurfer <hornsorhaloyoudecide> Dancer caught me 2
914 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> ........... Cubbys bath is equipped with 16 evenly distributed jets including back and foot jets it ensures overall cleansing and an orgasmic relaxation bath of distinction . With depth and capacity developed specially for uninterrupted sexual relaxation, Free trial and demonstration via PM request only.......... 4
915 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> ive gotta get me drill out <Melanie69> Is that what they're calling it these days Spink? <FortunaUK> wanna drilling cubby <FortunaUK> 32 holes ? 2
916 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> ive got a big shark for your tub.........had it for long time........ <FortunaUK> not saying rest as will be quoted lol 1
917 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> i wanna jump in cubbys tub 1
918 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> lol...used to have 30 cats... 1
919 acesOverKingsA <smh> Kat cant do to you the things I can 1
920 MissMary58 <DJ^CUBBY> it didn't come up... i'll try it again...lmao 3
921 MissMary58 <SweetKat> boy did i fuck up......and up and up 2
922 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> <---was happy doing wifey stuff ... which was WEIRD lol 1
923 bodysurfer <TeasinTigz> Small is good 2
924 newhopegirl <bodysurfer> pleasure kim, told ya, be yourself, the good and cool kids hang here, we are all unhinged in a beautiful way, lets have fun embracing it, life is too short 3
925 PghLindaCD <newhopegirl> I hate when I can't break wind in a building 4
926 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> i havent been stiff in a while 2
927 Doctorbug_afk <SweetKat`> nah.... had it removed years ago...LOL 1
928 Melanie69 <@SweetKat> nope...toes are green 1
929 Dj-Kori Marie> oh ok now I see better <Marie> I like the big one 3
930 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> "MY RING IS STUCK IN IT OMG CUT IT CUT IT!" 4
931 Doctorbug_afk <Melanie69> I still can't rememeber my licking one :( 1
932 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> What quote number is my licking quote? I can't find it or rememeber it 3
933 Doctorbug_afk <SweetKat> innocent my ass 1
934 acesOverKingsA <DancerToo> give you some of mine kat 14
935 Seemor <DancerToo> I want to go snow shoe myself lol <yukonjack> did that today dancer <acesOverKingsA> ok that has to be a gay term. 1
936 Melanie69 <Melanie69> I Smell Bacon, I Smell Pork, Run Piggy Piggy, I've Got A Fork! 2
937 Seemor <Melanie69> Welcome to the Poverty Bus, please keep your hands, feet and ALL body parts inside the vehicle .... at some point this bus will be driven off a cliff, and we are all going to die a firety death .... thanks for joining Poverty! 2
938 Melanie69 Panda'ing - The New Term For Crying In 2017 ... When Your Makeup Runs From Crying, You're "Panda'ing" 1
939 Melanie69 <DJ^Cubby> i was going to say that kat is all ice no cream so we know she's a spitter but figured i'd better not :P 1
940 Seemor <hornsorhaloyoudecide> you missed sbgbpunk getting it stuck in my head as revenge for getting a weird al song stuck in his head 2
941 Melanie69 <RAFJATSI> requests "Working For a Living" <FortunaUK> why kori here ? 28
942 Melanie69 <NOTpurrfect> you are hot looking aces <!dj^Aces> hot as in, damn your hot........or hey aces turn the heaters down brother? <NOTpurrfect> no way about the heater , your hot as in dam meow 1
943 bodysurfer [13:27] <SweetKat> what does he want u to do mel? 2
944 Melanie69 <!dj^Aces> soooooo, SweetKat, we having tacos? <SweetKat> mmmmmmmm works for me 2
945 Melanie69 <SweetKat> whoaaa seemor... <@Seemor> so much for giddyup trigger .. you already doing the whooooooaaaa 5
946 acesOverKingsA <!dj^Aces> BLM = Black Sambuca Matters.......... 3
947 Melanie69 <TooTTsiE_RoLL> yes my child 2
948 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> you have american friends? 2
949 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> you have american friends? <@DJ^Brian> a few aces ---- even OE getting close to be on the list lol 1
950 acesOverKingsA <dj^Aces> you suck Seemor, i hate you <Seemor> um aces ... i suck .. .shouldnt you love me ? <Seemor> ijs <dj^Aces> well, you have a point 3
951 acesOverKingsA <DancerToo> kat I made lemon pound cake lol 1
952 Melanie69 <SweetKat> its shaved down pretty good <bodysurfer> um kat ? <bodysurfer> is that cause aces is visiting ? 1
953 acesOverKingsA <LoopyLassie> when ur driving ur cock into my arse thats when u can tell me to stop yawning lol 5
954 bodysurfer <sbgbpunk> ah, i dont mind being immortalised in your anus 5
955 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> i can lick the skin of a bone 11
956 Melanie69 <sweetnsourman> you making me nervous <sweetnsourman> so i will self suck 2
957 bodysurfer 23:14] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> I mean yes, your hotness steamed my goggles up 1
958 bodysurfer [23:15] <DancerToo> will drive many miles today making deliveries 1
959 bodysurfer bartender> why am I getting the brunt of ballz tonight lol 1
960 newhopegirl <MentalMidget> i collect the tears in a jar and use um to masturbate with 2
961 acesOverKingsA <hotshir1> .. gRABBBS THE bALLZS AND WELL , THEN SLOBBERS ALL OVER THEM .. 1
962 newhopegirl <sweepy> (about wife) She is out with her Stoner knitting circle, so she feels no pain at the moment ;) 2
963 bodysurfer <Melanie69> I should pay attention ..... feeding junkies and not looking out for Scouts get's me deady-boned lol 3
964 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> i cant stayyyyyyyyyyyy up 2
965 acesOverKingsA v 2
966 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> id click my heels and wed all go to texas with sweet kat and id make love to here dog toto 1
967 Melanie69 <DancerToo> she cooks the best ice in Texas 1
968 Melanie69 <!dj^Aces> with your help, i can pull this off 1
969 Melanie69 <NetworkStud> Can I stretch my hands and softly touch your beautiful boobs? 4
970 Melanie69 <FortunaUK> ..On the night upon the dears last plight, it's frail old soul morphs into Starfish, amid a damp bed and violet light 6
971 Melanie69 <!dj^Aces> bot is being cuntish. 4
972 bodysurfer [17:18] <@DJ^Linda>WOW!.... just wow!........<SweetKat> ohhh...i thought u had.... wow....just.... WOW 54
973 bodysurfer [17:21] <bodysurfer> lukey is an asshole clearly 7
974 bodysurfer <SweetKat> fo lukey...ijs...LOL 2
975 jinxyyy <IStrippedCubby> my way of flashing without taking my shirt off.. <jinxyyy> whats the fun in that @IStrippedCubby ?�?�?�?�?�? 2
976 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> buzzed happens, don't judge meeeeeeeee 5
977 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> and RP has best peeps on jm...ijs 2
978 jinxyyy <TeasinTigz> I have a pulsating shower head... <Jinxyyy> so pulling you outta the shower would be a bad thing TeasinTigz ??..<TeasinTigz> lol yep Jinxyy.. 3
979 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> your not going to get naked are ya' ?? <dj^Aces> you haven't seen nothing yet, By The Way ... <dj^Aces> strap on Mom? <grumpym0m^> u wish.. 1
980 DJ^ButterNuttz <Melanie69> atm I know if I come online 2
981 bodysurfer <SweetKat> u guys suck 3
982 bodysurfer <SweetKat> wow........just...fucking WOW 10
983 acesOverKingsA <gollyGeewhiz> let go of mu ears i know what im doiing 1
984 bodysurfer [17:45] <@Korimco> im gettin impatient waiting for damn battery lol 2
985 acesOverKingsA <copperheadsparky4> butt plug, BUTT PLUG, butt plug, BUTT PLUG!! 1
986 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> u have always been able to get in 2
987 acesOverKingsA <Peolu> loves the bone tastes much better 1
988 bodysurfer [15:46] <SweetKat> just wow norty 2
989 Korimco <bodysurfer> only thing of worth i can offer you kat, fat fingers <SweetKat> lol lukey...i will take em <bodysurfer> lock and load 3
990 jinxyyy DJ^Cubby is now known as DJ^PewPew 10
991 acesOverKingsA <Mysterylady1> you're an idiot if you don't like Nickelback 1
992 jinxyyy IStrippedCubby sits on Doc so he can't leave... <Jinxyyy> thats it IStrippedCubby, Threaten Doctorbug_afk with a good time.. that'll scare him off 1
993 bodysurfer <SweetKat> u fuckers made that up...fuck YOU 3
994 bodysurfer <SweetKat> again lukey...hate u...hehe 2
995 acesOverKingsA [19:50] <!acesOverKingsA> <Melanie69> I don't think me and Seemor would have become a couple if he didn't eat Vegemite like me lol 1
996 acesOverKingsA DJ^Cubby's Country HoeDown!!! Wait Gee came back? 2
997 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> he needs to not fight if he's gonna lose, is all <!acesOverKingsA> I wish more people would realize this 1
998 acesOverKingsA <Icemanj5> better to hear poison than ingest it :) 1
999 acesOverKingsA [21:20] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> I switch it up 12
1000 acesOverKingsA <Melanie69> I'm thinking about dying it again next week lol 17
1001 bodysurfer <hornsorhaloyoudecide> fuckin shitsticks 94
1002 bodysurfer <Melanie69> I'd rather not fk a shitstick .... thats gross ;) 8
1003 Big_Red_Engine @DJ^Linda> the phrase ..... Don't shake ya shitstick at me young man ... comes to mind - Laughing Out Loud 5
1004 bodysurfer <TeasinTigz> LOL horns ya just missed me blowing a pepperoni 4
1005 bodysurfer [16:14] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> you played that and my cat came over 3
1006 DJJinx <acesOverKingsA> ok guys and sexy girl......i'm off like a prom dress. <DJ^Jinx> now that would be Radio Poverty material right there.. seeing aces in a prom Dress... with High heals... Might make DJ^Linda Jelouse.. 3
1007 Melanie69 ~dj^Aces wants to play him now 3
1008 acesOverKingsA ~dj^Aces wants to play him now, you do know no one will get that one right? so glad Bodysurfer can delete em 3
1009 Melanie69 <~dj^Aces> thinking of getting naked tonight.......if SweetKat says its ok <SweetKat> yesssssss <SweetKat> its ok 1
1010 jinxyyy <Melanie69> Hmmm sam loads, but won't open lol... <Jinxyyy> sounds like you have the womans version of sam Melanie69.. no matter how drunk you get her or how long you talk to her.. her legs never open... 11
1011 jinxyyy <DJ^Linda> Laughing Out Loud @scratch what itches... <jinxyyy> needs my ass scratched.. " Ingrown hair @DJ^Linda " 4
1012 PghLindaCD <teasintigz> Bass<<<<<<< Has no opinion. Just ask Tigz 4
1013 acesOverKingsA <Jinxyyy> some kinda tallent show I think.. don't quote me @dj^Aces 1
1014 acesOverKingsA loveableone licks copper 1
1015 acesOverKingsA <copperheadsparky4> looks like aces has a hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee one 2
1016 acesOverKingsA Doctorbug_afk tries to remeber how to add quotes 2
1017 Sheldon <TooTTsiE_RoLL> i cant even interpret for you horns 1
1018 MissMary58 [sweetkat] oh its her bday........I will share mine 5
1019 Korimco missmary58> remind me not to ride copper 1
1020 MissMary58 [Aces] I'm not ready to get off yet!!!!!!! 2
1021 Doctorbug_afk <copperheadsparky4> i suck 3
1022 MissMary58 [MissMary58} boobalisciousnessly 423
1023 acesOverKingsA <Seemor> copies and pastes that .... and asks Mel if she is in Egypt when I ask to give her an anal exam [21:10] * Melanie69 flexes [21:10] <SweetKat> nooooooooooo 2
1024 Melanie69 <@copperheadsparky4> nothing like begging for it huh 4
1025 bodysurfer [22:43] <EroticAngel> anal aint so bad when ya get past the ring of fire lol 17
1026 acesOverKingsA HornyBugz420 is now known as LeBlueBalls 4
1027 bodysurfer 00:01] <RAFJATSI> hey I was poopin 3
1028 acesOverKingsA <Aboutime> i like a sword fight....... i dunno why im telling you guys this 3
1029 Doctorbug_afk <hornsorhaloyoudecide> hangs on the showerhead, or suction cup 1
1030 Doctorbug_afk <SweetKat> i can vouch for that...he does have wood...js 1
1031 bodysurfer <hornsorhaloyoudecide> TASTE THE RAINBOW!! as he said earlier 2
1032 bodysurfer <EroticAngel> ass friendly is good 2
1033 bodysurfer <EroticAngel> i love anal sex, doesnt bother me 2
1034 jinxyyy <DancerToo> copper jinx thinks he's gonna take advantage of you when drunk..... foolish man other way around ijs lol...<Jinxyyy> sure copperheadsparky4// I'll shake both of'em just for you... 2
1035 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> they say you can put a jelly bean in a jar by your bed everytime you have sex with your girlfriend, then when you get married you can take one out when you have sex and most will be there when you die.......WEll, mine is empty, but i've gained 40 lbs..... 2
1036 acesOverKingsA <MissMary58> enjoys it now and then .....but don't get it often 1
1037 acesOverKingsA @ClasiLadi^ gets to claims, shes the first dj to stump "The Man" 1
1038 Korimco copperheadsparky4> just happy to get it on while your here 1
1039 acesOverKingsA <@Seemor> 50 year old man in a 18 year old head and a 90 year old body ... aces I RELATE !!!! 2
1040 acesOverKingsA <@copperheadsparky4> wow aces that is a huge one 2
1041 bodysurfer <@FortsDoving> ino u like slambing the lamb luke, <bodysurfer> i so do a lamb slammer from way back 4
1042 acesOverKingsA <dj^Aces> i remember back when she would laugh at your jokes, Seemor........ijs <Seemor> is harder now when she is sitting beside me. Melanie69> that it is ;) 1
1043 acesOverKingsA <bodysurfer> i like to cry to this at xmas 1
1044 bodysurfer 15:46] <bodysurfer> dogging it 2
1045 MissMary58 acesOverKingsA !req Spose - I'm Awesome for Ballz 2
1046 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> shuts up now 1
1047 acesOverKingsA <bodysurfer> #creepyguy..... thats me 4
1048 jinxyyy <jeremtbeagle5X> give me a tune ... <RAFJATSI> Bflat 2
1049 jinxyyy <jeremtbeagle5X> give me a tune ... <RAFJATSI> Bflat <hornsorhaloyoudecide> leave my tits out of this, RAFJATSI 2
1050 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> ooh my hands are warm, felt good 3
1051 Doctorbug_afk <bodysurfer> tie me up in rubber one... 1
1052 acesOverKingsA <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> I can't brain so the stupid comedy would work for me <!acesOverKingsA> is that why your here Horns? 2
1053 bodysurfer [20:36] <@xsweetsx> <xsweetsx> pay for what <xsweetsx> go renta porn movie 2
1054 bodysurfer [00:40] <bodysurfer> he's fucked 4
1055 Melanie69 <SweetKat> omg...soooo sorry guys 12
1056 Melanie69 xeneasy> lol i want to wank to mel tits <NetworkStud> I'm not gonna lie <NetworkStud> I am. 1
1057 bodysurfer <@Melanie69> rug action for me after this ciggie :P 3
1058 acesOverKingsA <MissMary58> you take it in the ass 8
1059 bodysurfer [12:01] <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> just wow 4
1060 newhopegirl <dj^Aces> just rub my clit please Seemor <Seemor> lol ... awww such a cute little clit you have too aces * dj^Aces action (has the fattest clit on JM.......ijs) 1
1061 bodysurfer [12:43] <@copperheadsparky4> wow just wow 1
1062 acesOverKingsA <@Seemor> thinks when the kids get grounded they run to Aces .. Mom is the meany in the house 3
1063 Melanie69 <bodysurfer> glad we are having peeps 4
1064 bodysurfer <@copperheadsparky4> your in my boxx ffs 2
1065 bodysurfer <@copperheadsparky4> wow just wow 41
1066 bodysurfer [17:01] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> fuckifIknow 3
1067 bodysurfer <hornsorhaloyoudecide> you are a buncha shitsticks 2
1068 bodysurfer 17:03] <Melanie69> Least we isn't a boatpeople! (Well, a soon to be boat people) 4
1069 Melanie69 <Seemor> um ya i could suck on that all day 1
1070 bodysurfer <@SweetKat> wow lukey...just wow 2
1071 bodysurfer <@Dj^FortsBreakfastShow> wow just wow 2
1072 bodysurfer <teasintigz> wow 2
1073 bodysurfer <@DJ^Cubby> <justluvme> a little too easy we like men hard ;) <runsssssssss> 4
1074 bodysurfer <@justluvme> <slaps> lukey hardddddddddddddd 2
1075 bodysurfer <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> I hate shitsticks 2
1076 bodysurfer Kung> WOW! .... just wow! 2
1077 bodysurfer <HotSweetAngel> hugsssssss bs'er 1
1078 jinxyyy <hornsorhaloyoudecide> I'm not troublemaking... <Jinxyyy> so hurry up hornsorhaloyoudecide.. sheesh.. Ive been waiting... 2
1079 bodysurfer [20:02] <justdroppinin> i LOVEEEEEE meat 8
1080 bodysurfer [20:04] <justdroppinin> all meat i say 4
1081 bodysurfer [17:00] <bodysurfer> oh you smelt the but ? 1
1082 bodysurfer <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> 3
1083 bodysurfer 17:32] <whitetigerdolphin> WOW JUST WOW 3
1084 whitetigerdolphin bodysurfer> you wear the strap down 5
1085 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> who wanks i back rub......i mean i do 2
1086 bodysurfer 18:40] <bodysurfer> i need in ya box kat 3
1087 whitetigerdolphin ballz63> i think if i get any closer to sweetkats boobs im going to get black eyes kung fu panda would be proud of 1
1088 bodysurfer [20:25] <@copperheadsparky4> I drool 1
1089 bodysurfer 04:28] <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> I have a big one lmfao 1
1090 Melanie69 * bodysurfer has the clap 3
1091 Melanie69 <@teasintigz> so glad I rarely get quoted 2
1092 bodysurfer [16:38] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> poo flinging fuckers 1
1093 bodysurfer [16:38] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> you are a shitstick 1
1094 bodysurfer [18:18] <bodysurfer> i havent eaten snake the rest i have 1
1095 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> its in though 3
1096 bodysurfer <newhopegirl> tell me when it's in.......... 1
1097 bodysurfer bodysurfer> go balls deep aces, hornsorhaloyoudecide> to the hilt! 4
1098 Melanie69 <bodysurfer> last time i got a fat was when i farted and the bath...and i thought it moved 2
1099 bodysurfer <SweetKat> i about spit ffs 2
1100 acesOverKingsA <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> I'm no rookie :) 2
1101 PghLindaCD !acesOverKingsA> you look like shit too! 2
1102 acesOverKingsA <PghLindaCD> !sign !acesOverKingsA> you look like shit too! 1
1103 PghLindaCD <hornsorhaloyoudecide> no but I was on my hands and knees on cam *adds it to my resume* 1
1104 bodysurfer 16:33] * bodysurfer looks at kimmah's penis 3
1105 bodysurfer 16:33] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> *waves it at Lukey* 4
1106 bodysurfer 17:46] <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> holy shitfuck 2
1107 bodysurfer @hornsorhaloyoudecide> they make me wanna touch myself 2
1108 Melanie69 <RAFJATSI> is willing to train swellness to eat bananas in one gulp (I have a friend w/ a long 1) 1
1109 Melanie69 <RAFJATSI> If it weren't so gay I'd buff it 4
1110 bodysurfer <zhukov99> you wouldn't be the fist 4
1111 bodysurfer <zhukov99> naw, I have big hands, that would be painful for allconcerned 5
1112 bodysurfer <hornsorhaloyoudecide> I've been lubed up before... 7
1113 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> only thing thats should be anywhere near yr ass is shit as far as im concerned 5
1114 bodysurfer [16:47] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> lube happens 4
1115 Melanie69 <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> meh 2
1116 Melanie69 <SweetKat> i need a pound mork 3
1117 PghLindaCD <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> you firther fucked my brain! 1
1118 Doctorbug_afk <hornsorhaloyoudecide> get your finger sorted 3
1119 PghLindaCD <@DJ^Linda> /makes note: use the pharse "you could fertilize a farm with that BS" .. should be easy to fit it in at work!! 3
1120 bodysurfer [18:44] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> my ass was in his face for hours 6
1121 bodysurfer [21:19] <hornsorhaloyoudecide> dickfuck 3
1122 Melanie69 <DeepPrplRox> PERK!! Melanie69 nekkid! <DeepPrplRox> did I *really* just say that? 5
1123 bodysurfer [16:08] <SweetKat> fuck 3
1124 bodysurfer [20:27] <@hornsorhaloyoudecide> I still have that pic of me with your meat in my mouth 7
1125 bodysurfer [16:10] <SweetKat> ewow...ejust... ewow 5
1126 bodysurfer [14:54] * bodysurfer looks at Kat's tail 3
1127 bodysurfer <Doctorbug_afk> bs bodysurfer , ure looking at her ass 3
1128 PghLindaCD <bodysurfer> i even know my range when peeing with an erection 5
1129 Doctorbug_afk <SweetKat> i like mine well done...ty 3
1130 jinxyyy <theoletimer> Im more of the Rodney Carrington Boob man no such thing as a bad set of real ones 3
1131 acesOverKingsA <Screwtape> hugs all. please wish me luck...i am courting a very wonderful girl...i hope to do well. <Screwtape> will be awkward explaining the CUBS on my chest but i do hope she and i can get past that....the ACES will be a more difficult conversation. 1
1132 moist [00:27] <moist> wow just wow 2
1133 moist [00:28] <newhopegirl> hard to hug you, luke, when you are moist 1
1134 bodysurfer [00:28] <newhopegirl> I think that makes my 2nd only saved quote 1
1135 MissMary58 most ppl are afraid of teh booegy man catching them in their dreams, but in Kat's dreams she runs slowly, pushing her ass aft and cheering "c'mon Lukey, you can catch me!!" 5
1136 bodysurfer [00:48] <bodysurfer> the wife is going to kill me , meh 3
1137 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> fuk me kat 6
1138 bodysurfer [23:09] <@FortunaUK> wow just wow 1
1139 bodysurfer [16:22] <bodysurfer> i'll eat kim's slice 10
1140 bodysurfer [16:46] <bodysurfer> wow...i just got fingered 11
1141 bodysurfer <SweetKat> I love waving my ass 6
1142 bodysurfer [18:34] <justdroppinin> thats from slapping me with it ffs 4
1143 bodysurfer [23:02] <firefly1569^> smells cock Laughing Out Loud 2
1144 bodysurfer [23:03] <@SweetKat> u dont like the smell of cock jdi? lol 11
1145 bodysurfer [23:03] <justdroppinin> fk no 6
1146 bodysurfer [23:04] <@SweetKat> fu lukey 10
1147 bodysurfer [13:27] <SweetKat> Lukey has a huge cock.....i saw him eat it, with taters 5
1148 newhopegirl <aussieus> ya dont use soap as lube....when wanking...i had to tell my students that..... 1
1149 Melanie69 <Seemor> takes me forever to get anything up .....ask mel 1
1150 bodysurfer [15:18] <SweetKat> sit on my box melly 3
1151 bodysurfer [18:22] <loveableone> surely a fondle comes before a lick lukey 3
1152 bodysurfer <SweetKat> oh fuck a duck 6
1153 acesOverKingsA <PghLindaCD> Kat's too smart to run this place 2
1154 Doctorbug_afk <sasseydeb59> mmmm here 2
1155 newhopegirl <FortunaUK> i was so bored once... i got off,,,, 2
1156 Doctorbug_afk <FortunaUK> i want it hard 1
1157 PghLindaCD @SweetKat> u just want my tamales 7
1158 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> i feel funny drinking outta summin without a stem 17
1159 bodysurfer [23:42] <RAFJATSI> when ya do squeeze gently JDI 3
1160 acesOverKingsA <SweetKat> bite me deep 3
1161 bodysurfer [18:54] <@SweetKat> he is tickling my box 2
1162 bodysurfer [18:55] <@SweetKat> luke you have a tiny penis, you're a discrace to men 2
1163 newhopegirl <DJ^Fort> DJ Fort cumming in your ears and I go down under 4
1164 bodysurfer [17:37] <SweetKat> lmaoooooooo uh huh thor...and yet...i still want her pussy 3
1165 bodysurfer [00:53] <justdroppinin> but i been doing it more and more lately without a stem 6
1166 newhopegirl <FortsDrinkinTea> now im getting me tool out 1
1167 newhopegirl <GG> back for a bit, while the meat is in the oven <newhopegirl> you gotta rub your meat, GG............according to [FORT] <GG> well, fort is a not well man LOL. <mystiquejewel> we all know that @GG Laughing Out Loud ;) <GG> HahaHaha 2
1168 acesOverKingsA <`SweetKat> fu deep 1
1169 acesOverKingsA <justluvme> my coochie yawns at the sight of your <<<GIGGLE>>> penis >_< 2
1170 bodysurfer [21:01] <justdroppinin> ID RATHER COCK 10
1171 jinxyyy <DancerToo> I havent ate in over 24 hours sighhh... <justluvme> me neither and my vibrator took off 3
1172 whitetigerdolphin FortunaUK> i need sme tracy byrd FortunaUK> and some exile Thank You 3
1173 newhopegirl <ballz63> i think dj fort should bring out a version of this of his own called i kissed a girl and she ran a mile (re: tune "I kissed a girl" by Katy Perry) 1
1174 acesOverKingsA <@justluvme> <edited...> i am a crazy bitch ijs 3
1175 Doctorbug_afk <SweetKat> so much for on my knees 5
1176 jinxyyy <copperheadsparky4> my hands tremble on your thighs <jinxyyy> thats NOT my thigh @copperheadsparky4 2
1177 SweetKat [12:26] <SweetKat> i wanna lick you bodysurfer 3
1178 SweetKat <bodysurfer> c'mere baybee 1
1179 SweetKat <kim> k... im totally confused now...lmaooo 1
1180 DonCavallo <SweetKat> lukey likes duct tape...ijs 2
1181 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> if i was gay aces id be good at it <!dj^Aces> no doubt <!dj^Aces> I like a man with confidence. 3
1182 jinxyyy <justluvme> I'm reviewing all these quotes and getting turned on.. <jinxyyy> Really so am I, I haven't been mentioned so much sence the Cuban Crises.. 3
1183 justluvme <scoobygurl74> fuk me??? 7
1184 justluvme <alasttango> justy this is like reading a fuck story....;) 1
1185 justluvme <Jinxyyy> I thought a tease was showing your boobs 0
1186 justluvme <heeehooo> <<<<<<< spits 1
1187 justluvme <EroticAngel> im good at blowin.. wait.. nm 3
1188 EroticAngel <@EroticAngel> i have to say.. i have an amazing set of DSL's 4
1189 justluvme <DJ^Jinx> shit im NOT a DJ.. What The F*ck Sh no one tell the owner.... we'll all act like it never happened 1
1190 DJJinx <EroticAngel> im good at blowin.. wait.. nm <Jinxyyy> Hmmmmmmmm 1
1191 EroticAngel 17:23] <newhopegirl> Ireq heart -- "All I wanna do is make love to you on Turks and Cacos' beaches" 1
1192 EroticAngel <newhopegirl> !req tenneessee whiskey on a beach with a ST Thomas' cabana boi 1
1193 justluvme <scotswahae> yeah im too tight for a machine and I like the human touch 1
1194 justluvme <sasseydeb59> u need them wet 9
1195 jinxyyy <hornyCanuck> naked and will be too easy to get taken advantaged of... <jinxyyy> thats what I said two years ago hornyCanuck.. never hapened.. change your habbits.... <DJ^Linda> you MAN WHORE! ... Laughing Out Loud <jinxyyy> thats what I said two years ago hornyCanuck.. never hapened.. change your habbits.. 1
1196 justluvme <scoobygurl74> oh i blow good 8
1197 acesOverKingsA <@justluvme> i like to ride on things :) 4
1198 jinxyyy DJ^Linda remains quiet!!! (Emerson, Lake & Palmer lawyer advice)... <jinxyyy> [@DJ^Linda]: Ramain's quiet.. " Yeah I'd like to see that " Damn song Bird... 1
1199 Melanie69 <bodysurfer> id offer to cream, but, yanno <justdroppinin> gets i n line for BS cream 10
1200 bodysurfer [22:37] <justdroppinin> several men 5
1201 Melanie69 <Made4War> used to get around 10 now im lucky to get half of that 1
1202 Melanie69 <justdroppinin> i wish @ gettin 10 3
1203 Melanie69 <Made4War> already close to 3 here 2
1204 Melanie69 <DancerToo> I toss around too much 2
1205 acesOverKingsA <!acesOverKingsA> that is justys new nick DJ^ChattaChoocie 11
1206 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> u look stiff lol 10
1207 bodysurfer <@vballDJim> nope...soft 4
1208 bodysurfer beachdude46> justluvme...did you get your boner back? 1
1209 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> i so have to stop drrinking ffs 12
1210 bodysurfer tadeus> hands just his meat n 2 veg 2
1211 bodysurfer gatorgal1979> i swear body u make me spit coffee again I will send the guys in the white jackets to your house 6
1212 bodysurfer <@justdroppinin> im not a big slut 8
1213 bodysurfer <@justdroppinin> just a small one 8
1214 acesOverKingsA <@DJ^Kat> i told u biatch... i will take it in the ass in a heartbeat ffs 6
1215 justluvme <sasseydeb59> fuck that i have nuttin in my pussy 11
1216 MissMary58 DJ^Kat Here we go! 5
1217 bodysurfer [17:44] <@DJ^Kat> u will be in sooooooooooo much trouble lukey 3
1218 bodysurfer [17:46] <RAFJATSI> deb I'm getting a cat woody ffs 3
1219 bodysurfer [17:47] <RAFJATSI> you say pussy woody like it's a bad thing 4
1220 bodysurfer [18:01] <bodysurfer> i did 3 in your box Kat 2
1221 bodysurfer [18:09] <sasseydeb59> fucker 8
1222 bodysurfer <sasseydeb59> ohhhh shit i'm done 4
1223 bodysurfer <sasseydeb59> wtf wow just wow 7
1224 bodysurfer [17:31] <justdroppinin> needs a good scrubbin 4
1225 acesOverKingsA <hornsorhaloyoudecide> wolf, who the fuck are you 4
1226 bodysurfer [14:09] <SweetKat> i say.fuck a duck...nifty beans on toast 0
1227 bodysurfer [18:14] <SweetKat> lukey is hot when he says that 0
1228 newhopegirl @missmary58> he lowered the basket over a field and then made it rise on the other side 1
1229 MissMary58 show me your "basket" .. I'll show you mine. HeheHehe 2
1230 bodysurfer [10:49] <sasseydeb59> omg lukey u ass 15
1231 bodysurfer [18:57] <sasseydeb59> we were sharing dick's lmao i have a smiley face on mine lmao 11
1232 bodysurfer [18:58] <gatorgal1979> glad i swallowed before u did that body 1
1233 bodysurfer <gatorgal1979> not gonna give body a chance to banter on something, ie i said about swallowing his beautiful , majestic balls 2
1234 bodysurfer <sasseydeb59> fu dancer lol 10
1235 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> i love it when dad gets his flute out 2
1236 bodysurfer <YummGayle> Love me some Wille 0
1237 bodysurfer <Doctorbug_afk> kinda like anal .. /me runs 1
1238 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> i just got fingered again 8
1239 bodysurfer <gatorgal1979> mj u know better being shocked is one thing but opening ur mouth is bad in here 3
1240 MissMary58 deep may only need 4 gems LOL 1
1241 acesOverKingsA <ballz63> im loving aces new microfone its like hes got hismouth round a big black mans penis 2
1242 MissMary58 <dj^aces> all good, the road ahead is long, but not as long as the road behind us. 0
1243 Melanie69 <DancerToo> I need an older version of Mel that still firm lmao <DancerToo> I got mel to blush lmao 0
1244 acesOverKingsA <GG> Laughing Out Loud sixstrngs seriously it all makes me gag, i have tried different ones <dj^Aces> we still talking cocks right? 1
1245 acesOverKingsA <kassie> say yes to everything [21:33] <acesOverKingsA> Kassie, you suck cock? [21:33] <kassie> nope [21:33] <acesOverKingsA> you need to take some of your own advice..ijs 1
1246 Melanie69 <Aboutime> i see dolphins are getting payback............... they are having tattoos of fat women on there backs 4
1247 bodysurfer [12:03] <!PghLindaCD> shit 1
1248 bodysurfer <sasseydeb59> been in her 3
1249 bodysurfer [16:09] <teasintigz> lol ok Jdi.... everyone knows Tigz dont hush 0
1250 bodysurfer [16:10] <teasintigz> ohh shit 1
1251 DeepPrpl ?? 2
1252 bodysurfer [19:00] <gatorgal1979> FUCK me lol 2
1253 bodysurfer [19:01] <justdroppinin> lukes knows what i think about kitchen benches , [19:01] <justdroppinin> just ask him 4
1254 GG <ballz63> if you want a quick one you better get it in soon i wish i could do quotes gg 0
1255 GG <newhopegirl> after I kiss you all over, Ballz........I'm gonna let my love FLOWwwwwwwwwwww 0
1256 acesOverKingsA <Aboutime> that was short @dj^Aces <@dj^Aces> Not the first time i've been told that Jase..... 2
1257 acesOverKingsA <bodysurfer> here comes nanna, crochet champ from bulgaria - her tunes is walk this way - run dmc 1
1258 bodysurfer [12:29] <bodysurfer> and blow again, for shits and giggles aces 0
1259 bodysurfer [15:03] <bodysurfer> what do you want mj ? 0
1260 DeepPrpl <missmary58> i'm saying its hard to sit here and not stroke <-------- <DeepPrpl> what??? 0
1261 MissMary58 <DancerToo> debs been gummed b4 lol 1
1262 bodysurfer 19:03] <gatorgal1979> i would be following blue around damn dick juice lol 1
1263 DeepPrpl <missmary58> cmere and probe that kat - oops I mean prove 0
1264 DeepPrpl <Dj^Kat> i do wolf...wink wink 0
1265 MissMary58 I know I'm not supposed to direct Mistress but....... can you talk more? I'm almost there 0
1266 newhopegirl DJ^Linda "I wonder what size batteries....I'm sure Deb's are a couple of "Ds"...yeah, that's it. 0
1267 DeepPrpl <sasseydeb59> gn ballz see ya later lmao 0
1268 kasssie <DeepPrpl> <---- is too old, bald, fat and Republican to be bad news - and I got a lil dick (shhhhhhhh kassie!) 1
1269 DeepPrpl <missmary58> fuck <DeepPrpl> PERK!!! missmary said 'fuck'! 0
1270 acesOverKingsA <hornyCanuck> sshelly pops in and out mopre then the gerbil in ballzz ass 0
1271 bodysurfer [14:43] <@SweetKat> ohh good dick...she likes it.... she loves it...she wants some more of it ;)......(may have been edited *) 0
1272 bodysurfer [14:44] <@SweetKat> MAY have been edited???????????????/ 0
1273 bodysurfer [14:44] <@SweetKat> fu lukey 0
1274 bodysurfer [16:52] <bodysurfer> moist much ? 0
1275 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> I have a small knob <wolfcreek> I played with it 2
1276 bodysurfer [17:24] <mystiquejewel> if you say yes ill take you mud trekking one day Laughing My Ass Off 0
1277 bodysurfer [17:24] <justdroppinin> still med trekking? 0
1278 bodysurfer [17:24] <mystiquejewel> Oh My Gawd fk you 0
1279 bodysurfer [17:25] <justdroppinin> i typed med 1
1280 bodysurfer [17:25] <justdroppinin> MUD EVEN 1
1281 bodysurfer [17:25] <justdroppinin> med is soooooooooo much worse 1
1282 bodysurfer 17:42] <mystiquejewel> i can tell you when i lived in the bush we went sand trekking :P not quite as much fun as the other Laughing My Ass Off :P 0
1283 PghLindaCD <teasintigz> whooaaa that drink is strong enough to walk on its own!! 8
1284 bodysurfer <justdroppinin> luke has spent more time in my box than anyone else 1
1285 bodysurfer mystiquejewel laughs sure glad i dont have bladder problems 0
1286 mystiquejewel <bodysurfer> ok , so scott and i have decided, we want to fuck most of you....i mean the women, but if ya 50 and are single and male with a tight freckle...we will consider applications for a party gig 1
1287 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> nice nuts ClosingTime.... good handful 1
1288 bodysurfer [22:51] <justdroppinin> gently is noice sumtimes 0
1289 PghLindaCD SweetCherryWine> and actually NOT a bad country 1
1290 bodysurfer [21:46] <justdroppinin> i just licked my leg 2
1291 bodysurfer [21:46] <justdroppinin> wasnt good,[21:46] <justdroppinin> js 1
1292 Luke [22:59] <justdroppinin> suk my cock luke, [23:00] <Luke> whoah 2
1293 bodysurfer [00:22] <bodysurfer> tc my friends....fuck like you own the truck stop 1
1294 bodysurfer mystiquejewel smirks like cmere and wash my ass before ya go mud trekking 1
1295 acesOverKingsA <scoobygurl74> omg if i drank the juices id b done 1
1296 jinxyyy jinxyyy plays with scoobygurl74's Jello 2
1297 newhopegirl @SweetKat> i do men..drink beer scoobs...hehe 3
1298 DeepPrpl <justluvme> wait i like to do the ridin <DeepPrpl> I'll volunteer 0
1299 MeatFlapsWannaBe <RissaDuhDuh> its in and out <--------- PERK!!!! 0
1300 bodysurfer [18:54] <GForce1> bottle opener my ass .. hmmm wrong phrase but i dont care 0
1301 bodysurfer [19:06] <bodysurfer> love you too steve 0
1302 justdroppinin [22:10] <justdroppinin> luke is a cunt girls, stay clear, ok , he may have a huge cock, but so what ? he is an asshole 2
1303 bodysurfer [23:32] <@bodysurfer> im sorry im too big jdi 2
1304 bodysurfer [23:36] <RAFJATSI> I have 5 cats outside if I needed catwood I could have it 0
1305 bodysurfer 22:35] <mystiquejewel> dad said squirt bahahaha 0
1306 bodysurfer [13:23] <sasseydeb59> omg warm going down 1
1307 DeepPrpl <kassie> likes ding dongs 0
1308 acesOverKingsA <DOG> rich dont worrie i would totally fuck you you ginger prince and i woud make the queen proud by blowing my load up your ass crack <R1CH_> ya could park a truck up there 0
1309 bodysurfer [17:05] <mystiquejewel> fuck off 1
1310 bodysurfer [17:05] <sasseydeb59> bull shit 1
1311 bodysurfer [21:32] <@justdroppinin> i do JJ, [21:32] <jj866> jdi .. you need more alchol to face that 2
1312 mystiquejewel <sasseydeb59> why u need a good shit gwh drink prune juice it work's really good 3
1313 DeepPrpl <`SweetKat> oh my ballz <------- is there something you're not telling us? 1
1314 mystiquejewel <bodysurfer> there is enough beard to go around calm down...and sit on the face rug 0
1315 acesOverKingsA <justluvme i fuck weird men.. 1
1316 mystiquejewel <GG> oh ffs deep, why cant u ask dj-devil4u yourself to play u some abba? .. he dont bite yanno! 0
1317 DeepPrpl <GG> my # has a on it <DeepPrpl> They have medicine for that 0
1318 GG [23:25] <DeepPrpl> This is most definitely a chick song - but I still like it <------------- nobody better be logging this ? u know im gonna! 0
1319 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> GG can u ask dj-devil4u if he will do an abba night next monday for me? 0
1320 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> I like how that sounds.......... Hi Boobs..... I'm DeepPrpl - glad to make your acquaintance 2
1321 DeepPrpl <justluvme> lick me deep <DeepPrpl> That's the best offer I've had in a long time 0
1322 DeepPrpl <sasseydeb59> GG is going to teach me how <DeepPrpl> ........ gets in line 0
1323 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> a leather teddy? <copperheadsparky4> too hot deep <DeepPrpl> I'll say! 0
1324 acesOverKingsA <@acesOverKingsA> how old do you have to get when you want to stop thinking about sex? 1
1325 acesOverKingsA <@acesOverKingsA> how old do you have to get when you want to stop thinking about sex? <!DJ^Linda> dead +1 0
1326 DeepPizza <GG> my chubby might not be a good copy .. if i remember rightly 1
1327 DeepPrpl <kassie> i'm not going deep 0
1328 DeepPrpl <justluvme> he does GG <DeepPrpl> who does? 1
1329 bodysurfer [13:26] <@justdroppinin> gday boobs 3
1330 acesOverKingsA <bodysurfer> tc my friends....fuck like you own the truck stop 0
1331 GG [14:45] <DancerToo> girls got me playing with pussies [14:45] <@missmary58> mine's alot older than what is around dancers place .... 7
1332 MissMary58 im not that stup[id i know what perogies are there what women have at certain times of the month and what they use to dye there hairl colours with at the same time 1
1333 MissMary58 havabanana defination according to ballz i know this its mspanish or mexican for when youre having anal sex with a n amgio that has a muchio hairyass 2
1334 DeepPrpl <Mysterylady1> <---- could use a stiff dink right about now 0
1335 newhopegirl <@justluvme> them legs of linda's are like peanut butter , easy to spread woooooooooot 1
1336 DJJinx <newhopegirl> ice can be fun... <DJ^Jinx> On Certain Parts.. <slow13hand> shrinkage included huh.. 1
1337 DeepPrpl <justluvme> i hugged u way up there ole ffs <DeepPrpl> justluvme can you hug me way down there? *evil grins* 1
1338 newhopegirl <@Sweetkat> he's a pig......makes jinx look good...ijs 16
1339 newhopegirl <@justluvme> ok just because i just almost try to light my cig with my chapstick doesn't make me sckitzo lol 0
1340 DeepPrpl <GG> so deep jump on <DeepPrpl> that's the best offer I've had in a *long* time 0
1341 TimeZones <justluvme> time zones screw me (up) 0
1342 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> you're a *great* DJ justluvme (and y ou got bodacious ta ta's too) 0
1343 mystiquejewel <bodysurfer> i like when you touch your hood katia 0
1344 bodysurfer [21:30] <@justdroppinin> lemme swalow 0
1345 bodysurfer [00:08] <bodysurfer> id rather watch a lady garden grow 1
1346 DeepPrpl <GG> [ballz63]: likes his balls squeezed <hotshir1> huggs ballsz back 1
1347 DeepPrpl <Sweetkat> get back on...i was enjoying that ffs 1
1348 MissMary58 .....and deb wonders why she wakes up with sticky lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
1349 bodysurfer [18:31] <@justdroppinin> i think one day i said i had a cock 1
1350 bodysurfer [18:31] * mystiquejewel wants a cock 2
1351 bodysurfer [18:33] <mystiquejewel> oh oh so jdi's cock is a strap on perhaps Laughing Out Loud 0
1352 DeepPrpl <GG> i hate when the tongue touches the tonsils .. makes me gag <DeepPrpl> what about....... oh n/m 1
1353 DeepPrpl <GG> it just wont straighten <DeepPrpl> I've got that problem too - but it's just age 0
1354 DeepPrpl <Lysdexic> funny how horns make a tune <DeepPrpl> Yep, things getting blown makes life a whole lot better 0
1355 DeepPrpl GG action (sits beside DancerToo n gets off lol). 0
1356 bodysurfer [21:14] <@justdroppinin> aint no gold digger....just want a big cock is all 1
1357 GG <DeepPrpl> <GG> !req frank wilson - do i love you, indeed i do <----- dedicated from me to GG 1
1358 DeepPrpl <GG> but im sure if u slip one in with kassie she will oblige deep <DeepPrpl> I'd *love* to slip one in with kassie 0
1359 jinxyyy <GG> but im sure if u slip one in with kassie she will oblige deep <DeepPrpl> I'd *love* to slip one in with kassie... <jinxyyy> I just wonna watch 1
1360 PghLindaCD <mystiquejewel> licks her lips smiles seductively with an innocent look in her eyes kneels in front of you and takes all of u in her mouth then sighs is that all 14
1361 mystiquejewel <ballz63> i bet wanking bob does a lot of gherkin off 2
1362 bodysurfer [17:57] <mystiquejewel> What The F*ck my ass 0
1363 bodysurfer 23:44] * @mystiquejewel is a cock sucker 5
1364 DeepPrpl <loveableone> its ok to feel it kassie 0
1365 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> <---------- loves being in kassie's box 2
1366 jinxyyy shit she's speaking that french again.. some one get her an American Beer... 1
1367 mystiquejewel <DancerToo> Dang MJ... that was a healthy dump lmao 1
1368 mystiquejewel <sasseydeb59> good job i have no nut's or they would be gone froze off <mystiquejewel> ill be able to cut glass with my nipples today i think HahaHaha 1
1369 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> KJo that combination of turban and the hot librarian glasses really does it for me 0
1370 bodysurfer [18:54] <loveableone> ooo ooo oooo ill do shit for youuuuu 0
1371 DeepPrpl <justluvme> hugs ballz <DeepPrpl> gets in line 0
1372 DeepPrpl <kassie_AKACopper> SHORT ONE DEEP <missmary58> u peeked again copper 0
1373 jinxyyy <justluvme> ooooooo thnx jinx get me drunk take adavantage of me :) <Jinxyyy> NO thats GForce1 , NOT me.... if I want some... i'll just take it... 0
1374 bodysurfer [15:24] <mystiquejewel> HahaHaha no majik!!! i still like my meat 1
1375 bodysurfer [19:16] <ClosingTime> all good here in midget porn land BS 1
1376 bodysurfer [19:18] <@copperheadsparky4> tries not to be quoted 0
1377 bodysurfer [19:22] <ClosingTime> I wood totally blow you Bodysurfer 0
1378 bodysurfer [19:23] <@SweetKat> yup..u are famous for wanting to blow lukey 0
1379 bodysurfer [18:53] <bodysurfer> stevo has great tits though...and a tidy snatch 0
1380 DeepPrpl <HunkyDory> now that was very easy lol ty <DeepPrpl> You said you wouldn't kiss and tell 0
1381 bodysurfer [18:19] <bodysurfer> jdi loves meat in her mouth 1
1382 bodysurfer [03:10] <@justdroppinin> @ poo bullett 0
1383 mystiquejewel <bodysurfer> ok, who wants to see my poo bullet 0
1384 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> im back....all hot and 0
1385 newhopegirl <ballz63> i thought i was as nutty as a frut cake then i met justy how good is that 0
1386 mystiquejewel <ClosingTime> we are Deep sexy ones too...including bodysurfer...F me he is gonna quote me again prolly 1
1387 GG [22:04] <DinduNuffin> !req Rodney Carrington - Titties and Beer (dedicated from me to sasseydeb59 and justluvme) [22:05] <STIFLERSDAD> hold my beer 0
1388 bodysurfer <mystiquejewel> vasoline such a handy item around the home Laughing Out Loud 1
1389 PghLindaCD <@justluvme> my ass is saggggggggin 1
1390 GG kassie> although thinking i'd better be on my knees 0
1391 DeepPrpl <justluvme> !req Short Dick Man (dedicated to DeepPrpl 'coz it's so appropriate) 0
1392 newhopegirl <SoftballGoddess> ok ya'll it's been a slice of low fat non dairy cheese cake but i must turn in... sleep well everyone! xoxoo 0
1393 bodysurfer [21:23] <@GG> im anal about my toilet 1
1394 jinxyyy <jinxyyy> I seen your horns as well Sweetkat... <Sweetkat> lol not me.. <jinxyyy> now your nose is growing Pinchoco " Sweetkat " 0
1395 DeepPrpl <GG> i do kassie <-------- GAWD I'd love to see that 0
1396 DeepPrpl <GG> i do love ROD ... incase ya didnt know that fact 0
1397 GG <@GG> i reckon deep is a gent real life .. and listens to abba too <DeepPrpl> I am a gent in real life - GAWD I hope nobody is logging this 0
1398 DeepPrpl <GG> [kassie]: told me dont stroke so fast 0
1399 newhopegirl @justluvme> i was taking a nap but i farted and it woke me up lmao 0
1400 DeepPrpl <GG> I do worry about ballz sometimes 3
1401 DeepPrpl <GG> some guys have all the luck .. the rest have JM LOL. 2
1402 GG <DeepPrpl> OMG - the missus just asked me if the ladies in this room dance around with their tops off......... I'm all like "oh never honey 1
1403 GG <kassie> damn just out of the shower and wett again grrrrrrrrr 0
1404 PghLindaCD <@DJ^Jinx> but I have been wondering... if you make a woman mad and she gets Her Nickers in a wad.. does she like to get mad more often ?�?�?�?�?�? 1
1405 GG <DeepPrpl> mine seems to be working 0
1406 GG <SaintCrowdness> for the record GG said she would blow me when I get to the UK if I tune in tomorrow lmao 0
1407 mystiquejewel <justluvme> someone said licking coochie is their fetish and i said my legs are open to that lol 0
1408 MissMary58 gg's anal..........who knew 1
1409 jinxyyy <DancerToo> one I havent played in ages.. <Jinxyyy> well get out the lotion and play.. whoops you meant the song didn't ya'.. well NeveR MinD 1
1410 jinxyyy [radiopoverty-DJ^Brian - 50 and 60's flashback is playing Little Eva - Locomotion] ... <DJ^Brian> i tried the locomotion and the women just kept hollerong ----- more steam �aughing Out �oud :-D 2
1411 DeepPrpl <Sweetkat> i did deep <DeepPrpl> How the hell did I miss that? 0
1412 newhopegirl "you are a vile, unevolved swine.� You don't deserve to belly up to the same trough as the rest of the pigs.� You give bacon a bad name.� I get trichinosis, just looking at you. (from the TV show, "moonlighting") 2
1413 newhopegirl "if you weren�t such a stunningly incompetent moron��� (Law & Order Nov 1995) 0
1414 newhopegirl <newhopegirl> it's prob difficult being a a dual existance......hard rock personality with a Carpenter's heart 1
1415 GG <kassie> darch is ossssssssssssss so smoothhhhhhhhhhhhh 2
1416 DeepPrpl <kassie> and i can pee standing up Laughing Out Loud 0
1417 DeepPrpl <ballz63> you know what i want to do during great sex with you gg GG> i know what ill want to do - go to sleep 0
1418 jinxyyy <PghLindaCD> ummmm ... just one question ... Is there a DJ tonight?? <Jinxyyy> I haven't seen one.. yet.. I just see some chick with BIG tit's and a mic.. 1
1419 PghLindaCD <Jinxyyy> Sure its a needle but it moves like a sewing machine 1
1420 jinxyyy * a1jinx was kicked by Jinxyyy (Jinxyyy) .. <Jinxyyy> glad he's gone.. " Pervert" 1
1421 PghLindaCD DJ^Cubby> Linda is doing the nightly RP panty raid 1
1422 DeepPrpl <Graywolf73> jinx i got your thing saved on my phone 1
1423 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> <GG> dont PM me pls pointa .. i dont watch cocks <------ well hell, there went my wildest fantasy :-< 0
1424 delicious25 <ballz63> hang on kat if youre closing youre anus how am i going to fit my penis in it 0
1425 GG <bobthegob> I wont understand her <missmary58> more like she won't understand you boob 2
1426 DinduNuffin <EroticAngel> lollll.bed for me soon <DinduNuffin> need any help with that? *evil grins* <-------- about a 6.5 on a scale of 10 0
1427 jinxyyy <kassie> keep the farm i'll just take the ass... <Jinxyyy> Good gawd.. dj^Copper likes the ass... " Go Figure " 1
1428 jinxyyy <DJ^Linda> DJ^Linda playing tunes on RadioPoverty NO Gummie Bears have been killed while I was here!... <Jinxyyy> well there was that one soaked in Vodka 0
1429 jinxyyy <DJ^Linda> DJ^Linda playing tunes on RadioPoverty NO Gummie Bears have been killed while I was here!... <Jinxyyy> Bull Shit! she drounded one in Vodka.. and I seen it... 0
1430 PghLindaCD <@justluvme> wanna suck the nut outta my tooth TT??? 1
1431 newhopegirl <@DJ^Cubby> !8ball Will Hurricane Florence Miss NC????�[00:15] <!RadioPoverty> DJ^Cubby, The Magic 8 Ball Says: Signs Point to Yes 0
1432 DeepPrpl <GG> im never naughty ... i do sometimes have the devil in me though 2
1433 DeepPrpl <RAFJATSI> it's wet and deep <DeepPrpl> I'm sure we'd all like to hear more about that 0
1434 DeepPrpl <seventhson54> into all of them <DeepPrpl> I wanna be into all of them <sasseydeb59> hehe deep 0
1435 DeepPrpl <loveableone> i dye my pubes 0
1436 MissMary58 make ur meatloaf justy and i are coming to see ya 2
1437 justluvme <adultmale> have you had sex with a robot yet ? 11
1438 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> aww a wee lil one <DeepPrpl> well I'm doing my best! 1
1439 DeepPrpl <GG> yea get on kat <DeepPrpl> OMG I'd love to 0
1440 DinduNuffin <SweetKat> sorry...its not working <DeepPrpl> that's usually my line 1
1441 DeepPrpl <andrew267> how long can you last kat? <------ isn't that an awfully personal question? 0
1442 DeepPrpl <justluvme> i do my laundry on sunday nights <DeepPrpl> We in the States refer to that as "no nookie Sundays" 0
1443 jinxyyy <Jinxyyy> now all we need is a Cam.. Bitch.. whoops I mean.. DJ-Angel .. <DJ-Angel> pffft my cam is on asshat..:P <Jinxyyy> well if the hat fits... and yes I do like me some ass... 0
1444 DeepPrpl <sasseydeb59> lmao i do justy <DeepPrpl> why do you always have all the luck? 0
1445 Doctorbug_afk <Ladysplasher> i swallowed 0
1446 DeepPrpl <sasseydeb59> damit i'm getting some tomorrow <DeepPrpl> Damn I'm jealous 0
1447 GG <sasseydeb59> damit i'm getting some tomorrow <DeepPrpl> that was a secret 0
1448 newhopegirl <loveableone> u look cute when you eat possy 0
1449 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> i do mark <DeepPrpl> some guys have all the luck! 0
1450 newhopegirl <a1jinx> !song I think you should fuck me like you hate me - Oh Yeah thats kid rock <newhopegirl> jinx? if that was your request, you'd be having sex 24/7 6
1451 jinxyyy <gatorgal1979> kat u swallow wrong never should burn going down lmao <Jinxyyy> but you never know how BIG it is in the DARK... 0
1452 DeepPrpl <justluvme> no it fell off <DeepPrpl> that happened to me once too 0
1453 DinduNuffin <GG> i am copper :) <DeepPrpl> No you're not 0
1454 DeepPrpl <Katia> i have ears sheeesh lol <DeepPrpl> we hadn't noticed *evil grins* 0
1455 GG [01:23] <DeepPrpl> The Summer I 69'ed <---------- dedicated from me to GG 1
1456 MissMary58 wheres the list? hahaha 4
1457 newhopegirl Shut The Fu*k Up! jinx 4
1458 mystiquejewel <Katia> go slow i am just learning about these !q thingys 0
1459 justluvme <dj^Aces> I always thought I had a huge penis until tonight when I saw my wife gagging on a multivitamin. Now I just don't know. 0
1460 GG <DancerToo> Ohhh I thought Kat was bringing BOB out of sock 1
1461 DeepPrpl <DJ^SweetKat> wait wait...... if I hold it 1
1462 GG <DeepPrpl> I wanna lick you all over <--------------- dedicated to GG 0
1463 DeepPrpl <GG> umm a lil girl bondage time Katia 1
1464 DeepPrpl <DancerToo> 1-2 inches <DeepPrpl> That's nothing to brag about - ijs 1
1465 GG <!RadioPoverty> ['Coz SweetKat Isn't DJ'ing (Radio Poverty) is playing Abba - Dancing Queen -<DeepPrpl> you better not tell anybody I played this!! 2
1466 DeepPrpl <GG> !req ballz63 xxx 0
1467 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> Cubby - it's yours whenever you want it hon <GG> he aint talking bout the stream either 0
1468 mystiquejewel <darch> sung to tune of Here Comes Santa Clause: "Here comes menopause, here comes menopause, Right down Menopause Lane! Goodbye to cramps, and hello hot flashes, Some gals get migraines 0
1469 DeepPrpl <DJ^GG> ahhhhhhhh okay guys........... I'm a 36C 0
1470 GG <DeepPrpl> SweetKat talking on air makes the front of my jeans move 6
1471 jinxyyy <sasseydeb59> what do u charge?<kassie> $10.00 <jinxyy> she charge's me ALOT more then that.. 0
1472 DeepPrpl <DJ^GG> i dont touch the buttons LOL <DeepPrpl> I'll help you with that 1
1473 DeepPrpl <kassie> women who know tech stuff <DeepPrpl> ......... give me a bit of a chub 0
1474 DeepPrpl <ballz63> happy birthday deep i hope all youre dreams come true and you wake up in texas with sweetkat naked next to you and a set of request slips 0
1475 GG [23:32] <DeepPrpl> GG - I do have ever Abba song ever made....... Christ why did I just admit that? 0
1476 GG [23:48] <DeepPrpl> Cum Together <---------- this is mine and GG's theme song <GG> i wasnt aware of this lol. 0
1477 SpringyScotsman <DeepPrpl> I should do a radio show called "Chick Songs" 1
1478 newhopegirl <ballz63> I met a girl with 12 nipples Which sounds funny dozen tit? (12.01.2018) 0
1479 jinxyyy <gshades> <----thinks Deb is Perfect as is....wothout additives 0
1480 GG <DeepPrpl> I'm not in a band but I do play a mean organ solo <DeepPrpl> shup GG - shhhhhhhhhh! * GG DinduNuffin 0
1481 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> yep i see it DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> DAYUM did I forget to zip up? 0
1482 newhopegirl <DeepPrpl> <ballz63> morning sexy <DeepPrpl> morning 6
1483 GG <DeepPrpl> <GG> innit deep <--------- I'd love to be GG *sly grin* 0
1484 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> <gshades> morning deep and balls <-------- something about that just doesn't sound right - well okay, maybe to loveableone it would be okay 0
1485 DeepPrpl <ballz63> id love to see ggs cocnuts 1
1486 GG <DeepPrpl> you have gotta be *so careful* about what you say in this room - you might get !sign'ed 0
1487 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> Hell I wish GG would beat me 2
1488 DeepPrpl <GG> u aint getting me <DeepPrpl> well there went my biggest fantasy 0
1489 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> oh my god getting close now GG - oh my god! 2
1490 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> but tonight im fucking you yes correct DeepPrpl 0
1491 GG <DeepPrpl> sasseydeb59 I'll help you rub one *out* 0
1492 mystiquejewel <GG> so me n kat are giving the "fucks" and MJ is giving the "pisses" 4
1493 GG ] <adultmale> i can feel you ballz 5
1494 GG > i can feel you ballz teasintigz> Ballz did that feel good? ballz63> it did tigz made me legs go all wobbly like jelly 3
1495 GG <DeepPrpl> pssssssssst MJ, my lil fella is still asleep too 1
1496 jinxyyy <DJ^Devil4u> if looks could kill... <jinxyyy> I'd have been dead long ago... 0
1497 GG <DeepPrpl> Man I'm glad GG isn't seeing this conversation <ballz63> if you were dressed as the old bill gg could say to you have you got the time on ya cock <DeepPrpl> you think that would help me? 1
1498 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> `44C now what the hell <DeepPrpl> I had to re-read that. I think I misunderstood it the first time 0
1499 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> `44C now what the hell <DeepPrpl> I had to re-read that. I think I misunderstood it the first time <sasseydeb59> mine is cold 0
1500 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> mystiquejewel I hope you realize that when I tease you about boob sweat and stuff, I'm just trying to be a friendly fellow 1
1501 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> many times I've used my out-of-balance washing machine on spin cycle........ oh n/m <sasseydeb59> i have seen that done 1
1502 Korimco mystiquejewel> omg i swallowed and it went down the wrong hole lol 2
1503 newhopegirl <mystiquejewel> what a dickhead <DeepPrpl> thanks for noticing hon 1
1504 mystiquejewel <PghLindaCD> if you put the 2 songs together .... the WHORE Gets off? ... oops! ... Never Mind<mystiquejewel> i think linda just called me a whore haha I love it lol :) 1
1505 DeepPrpl <Korimco> does mj want it ? <DeepPrpl> I've been asking that for a long time 1
1506 GG <BarneyFife> since GG is on the phone, somebody's gotta be the request ho <GG> Always the Ho, never the bride 1
1507 BarneyFife <copperheadsparky4> not touching anything <DeepPrpl> well there goes my greatest fantasy 0
1508 DeepPrpl <adultmale> ain't hard <GG> sounds like a personal problem to me 0
1509 newhopegirl <razors> it took kat that concert to know she loved drums when i was banging her all along ffs 0
1510 DeepPrpl <justluvme> but i hate when that nassy white goo gets in my hair <mystiquejewel> well open ya mouth and swallow it ffs justy 0
1511 DeepPrpl <copperheadsparky4> gg is rubbing off on you deep ? <DeepPrpl> ha copper - I wish! 3
1512 mystiquejewel <DeepPrpl> !st mystiquejewel omg deep your saying tune to ABBA <DeepPrpl> there - I said it 1
1513 DeepPrpl [DJ^GG Waiting For A Proper DJ To Get Here is playing The Sweet - Little Willy] <DeepPrpl> GG if you dedicate this song to me, I'm gonna grrrrrrrrrrrrr you <DJ^GG> i dedicate this song to deep 0
1514 DeepPrpl <justluvme> inches sheesh <--------- story of justy's life 0
1515 jinxyyy <GG> Hurry Back mind u dont piss ur panties Laughing Out Loud <Jinxyyy> NOT wearing any tonight GG.. wink wink..<GG> hes hoping to get lucky..<Jinxyyy> LUCKY ?? They don't call me JINX for Nothing... 1
1516 mystiquejewel <SlutAndProud> i may be bad, but im perfectly good at it.....<SlutAndProud> Laughing Out Loud .. c'mon c'mon i like it, like it 0
1517 DeepPrpl <GG> lets have it right razors .... im ahead of you ... i start long before you : <-------- story of my life 0
1518 MissMary58 [DancerToo] I done it... never felt comfortable bare back lol 1
1519 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> i have damn good tamales ijs 0
1520 mystiquejewel <GG> deb i cant cope with little pricks being stuck into me 1
1521 mystiquejewel <ballz63> i love this song kat it always reminds me of dj aces hes paying me to go to the moon with my i love radio poverty fag and hes told me while im there ive to kock anyone elses but his golf ballz out the way so he can finally get his hole 0
1522 DeepPrpl <GG> i did MJ :) <DeepPrpl> Why do I *always* miss the good stuff? 0
1523 DeepPrpl <SusanneB> becoming more stubborn would be more accurate <DeepPrpl> hey! it's not nice to talk about me in the room - especially when I'm here 0
1524 DeepPrpl <Sasseydeb1> hugs furry <DeepPrpl> I wanna hug a furry - ijs 0
1525 acesOverKingsA <mirrors> i wouldnt mind some dick on special occasions 2
1526 DeepPrpl <Korimco> sorry ppl .. dunno what to do with it lol <DeepPrpl> ask devil4u - I'll bet he has some ideas 0
1527 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> im great thanks and you? <DeepPrpl> you wanna find out? huh? huh? 0
1528 mystiquejewel <missmary58> doesn't he lift the seatie when he sprinkles?<missmary58> doesn't he lift the seatie when he sprinkles? 0
1529 mystiquejewel <missmary58> and he should see a dr. if it takes him 10 min to sprinkle <missmary58> could be a prostate issues <lifestoshort> lol, nothin wrong with my prostate 2
1530 PghLindaCD <SweetCherryWine> would be a real "Kat and Mouse" game then! 3
1531 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> u cant even see the mountains right now ffs <DeepPrpl> that's 'coz your cam is on PW 2
1532 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> Did you just use the words "Cubby" and "cranked" in the same sentence? That give me a chub 1
1533 DeepPrpl <DJ^Brian> deep i can help with my next double shot i think <DeepPrpl> sassyeydeb59 pay attention - this is gonnd be good 0
1534 DeepPrpl <Sasseydeb1> on my way free hehe <DeepPrpl> wtf? You always tell *me* I have to come there 2
1535 PghLindaCD <@acesOverKingsA> i want titties!!!!!!!!!! 10
1536 MissMary58 [Sweet Kat] i sooo suck at the handoffs 5
1537 acesOverKingsA <OE> i'm confused 0
1538 DeepPrpl <missmary58> i'm doing GG....... <DeepPrpl> I'd pay money to see that 0
1539 MissMary58 swallow bitch 1
1540 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> and i dont smoke <DeepPrpl> are you sure? You should check next time 1
1541 MissMary58 [DeepPpl} I'm glad I've never got tagged in that !sign thing 1
1542 PghLindaCD <@SweetKat> fu fu fu fu quote that dorky morky fu fu fu 3
1543 mystiquejewel <SweetKat> fu fu fu fu quote that dorky morky fu fu fu 0
1544 PghLindaCD mystiquejewel> you talk to your pillow gees i hump mine lol :P 1
1545 PghLindaCD <Sasseydeb1> it's me my fault lmfao 63
1546 DeepPrpl <razors> i did deb <DeepPrpl> You always have all the luck 0
1547 mystiquejewel <OE> she's got a cock <Sasseydeb1> a real one omg <mystiquejewel> haha debs so your saying the other cocks arnt real on jm? 0
1548 Korimco <justdroppinin> he just woke for a second so i jumped on it lol 3
1549 GG <@GG> me and balls dont mix well 1
1550 DeepPrpl <GG> i did linda <DeepPrpl> WHy do I *always* miss the good stuff? 0
1551 PghLindaCD <newhopegirl> LOL "he may look dumb but that's a disguise" ? 1
1552 PghLindaCD <Eastie> kat........quickie in the box please 0
1553 newhopegirl <razors> she rocks. and i loved her growling on my memeber, but her voice rocks 0
1554 MissMary58 wets my finger and touches Kat's box........dayum its hawt!!!!!!! 8
1555 mystiquejewel im such a dork mj... heard a dog barking from canada...i told sounds like our dogs haha <razors> lioke she expected the dog to bark in french candien <DJ^SweetKat> well i did picture it being a fremch poodle haha 0
1556 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> lmfao @ penis everywhere im in haha 1
1557 DeepPrpl <justluvme> <puts. skittles down MJ's shirt and watch all the guys fight to get them :) 1
1558 MissMary58 oh god please no i dont wanna cause no hard ons haha 1
1559 mystiquejewel <Jinxyyy> <- is Innocent <Jinxyyy> and I don't wonna' be a hard on.. but it's in my hand.. and cause of you mystiquejewel 0
1560 jinxyyy <mystiquejewel> oh fk quoted again haha .. <jinxyyy> No one quoted you yet... well till now mystiquejewel... 1
1561 mystiquejewel [Radio Poverty (DeepPrpl) is playing ABBA - If It Wasn't For The Nights] 1
1562 PghLindaCD <mirrors> beer on tap..... beer on nipple 1
1563 MissMary58 kat does females??? well fuck who knew????? 1
1564 GG <DeepPrpl> okay I'll admit it....... if Abba covered "It's Your Thing", I'd like it! 2
1565 acesOverKingsA <GG> its quality claude1237 not quantity :) 1
1566 MissMary58 mirrors you sure yuur names not harley cause i can suck start a harley :P 0
1567 GG <DeepPrpl> Nobody better ever tell anybody I have this one in my collection (Abba - Dancing Queen) 0
1568 acesOverKingsA <@justdroppinin> i hate fukin soap and bath shit lol 1
1569 acesOverKingsA <mystiquejewel> i wish i was blind with some ive fked haha 0
1570 DeepPrpl <Sasseydeb1> it was only not even 2mins and it was there <-------- shhhhhh you weren't supposed to tell 0
1571 acesOverKingsA <@welshoak02> deep ballz forgot to say lotsa guys come in here;) [18:53] * @acesOverKingsA gets a mop 0
1572 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> hes a cutie <DeepPrpl> thanks for noticing 0
1573 bodysurfer <@GG> i love head .. i said head not ed! 0
1574 bodysurfer @GG> ed is the only ginger id give bed space to 0
1575 bodysurfer @GG> foreigners dont know how to spread full stop 0
1576 DeepPrpl <grumpym0m^> things will be back up in a bit <DeepPrpl> thanks for the vote of confidence, I was beginning to worry 0
1577 bodysurfer [18:51] <@mystiquejewel> meatlovers cause i love meat haha 0
1578 DeepPrpl <missmary58> i've done pastels also WAC *** welshoak02 is now known as pastels 0
1579 DeepPrpl <hornsorhaloyoudecide> short is beautiful! <DeepPrpl> I've been waiting all my life to hear that 0
1580 MissMary58 hands it back to kat by putting it in backwards so she can be a mindreader 0
1581 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> that's why we come to RP - to have fun, hear good tunes, see bewbeeez and laff 0
1582 DeepPrpl <Sweetkat> hugssssss my wenchy poo xooxxo <DeepPrpl> hugssssss 0
1583 DeepPrpl <DJ^NotReallyDeepPrpl> yeeeeeeee phukkin' hahhhhhhhhhh <----- Texan for "oh okay" 1
1584 DeepPrpl <bodysurfer> ty love <DeepPrpl> yvw 0
1585 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> hes such a lil cutie :) <DeepPrpl> Thank you for noticing 0
1586 DeepPrpl <drumbum1987> yeah such a good dude <DeepPrpl> thanks for noticing 0
1587 bodysurfer @missmary58> yw looks pretty good for you giving me absolutely no measurements!!!!!!!!! 0
1588 bodysurfer DJ^SweetKat> i dont want the bottoms to shrink..just the top 0
1589 DeepPrpl <mystiquejewel> i prefer my balls empty lmfao <DeepPrpl> Is there something you haven't told us? 0
1590 DeepPrpl <newhopegirl> w00t w00t an all nighter with Linda ?? 0
1591 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> fakes it and lets SweetCherryWine give him mouth-to-mouth all night long 0
1592 DeepPrpl <GG> how gorgeous is he!! <DeepPrpl> Thanks for noticing 0
1593 DeepPrpl <GG> hiya sweetie <DeepPrpl> hiya sugar 0
1594 GG [09:34] <gatorgal1979> lmao kat writes it down Kat can't talk lol 2
1595 DeepPrpl <SweetKat> i know deep <DeepPrpl> but not in the biblical sense - yet 0
1596 DeepPrpl DJ^Brian> MJ's pussy just looking for that butt plug lmao <mystiquejewel> im shocked omg DJ^Brian lol 0
1597 bodysurfer <@justluvme> like sands in the hour glass these are the days of our lives :) 0
1598 bodysurfer mystiquejewel> has never been quoted lmfao 0
1599 bodysurfer mystiquejewel> fker 0
1600 bodysurfer <IStrippedCubby> lol rob <boob pushes rob too 0
1601 bodysurfer <mystiquejewel> oh oh i want a boob push or boob twirk or rub even haha 0
1602 bodysurfer bodysurfer> katherine is doing women tonight 0
1603 bodysurfer waypoint> wow,just wow 0
1604 GG <@Sweetkat> oh i do gg...i will ask if anyone wants to take it <GG> I'll Take IT! 1
1605 GG <@DeepPrpl> I love using the words "copperheadsparky4" and "nice set" in the same sentence 1
1606 bodysurfer <bodysurfer> i have a small penis 0
1607 MissMary58 bass has grown a handdle bar moustache to be proud of you can hold ont o the handles while riding him like a pro biker 0
1608 DeepPrpl <furrycarl1956> stfu lemme hear the song <DeepPrpl> fuzzy you da man 0
1609 GG <@DeepPrpl> <GG> do i still have chebs? <----------- THUD 0
1610 DeepPrpl <newhopegirl> kiss me down under *there* 0
1611 DeepPrpl <DJ^GG> im usually 30 n go Laughing Out Loud <DeepPrpl> I haven't made it for 30 in years 0
1612 PghLindaCD !GG> im as jober as a sudge ijs 0
1613 DeepPrpl <GG> yess cubby! Thank You i do love me a bit of rod :)) 0
1614 DeepPrpl <DJ^Cubby> brrrr i'm cold <DeepPrpl> PERK! high beams 0
1615 DeepPrpl <GG> i LOVE ROD 0
1616 GG <GG> i LOVE ROD <@DeepPrpl> SO DO I 0
1617 MissMary58 GG realllllllly reallllllyyyy loves ROD 1
1618 MissMary58 [missmary58} shhhhhh i'm gonna sneak up and get on her bed and lick her pink pussy........ 4
1619 MissMary58 [missmary58] sneaks onto kat's bed again ......turns her pink pussy upside down and lickes it again 0
1620 MissMary58 upside down or not, tastes the same 1
1621 DeepPrpl <justluvme> any time ya want on kat let me know :) <DeepPrpl> I want on Kat - ijs 0
1622 DeepPrpl <DeepPrpl> PERK!!!! GG said "doggy" 0
1623 mirrors <killer1234> my penis cant type , but it can crush stone 0
1624 mirrors <mirrors> love1 can crush cock as well 1
1625 mirrors <loveableone> how do u know im wet? 0
1626 mirrors newhopegirl> [sneezes] makes me sneeze when he comes in my ears 1
1627 GG <!GG> the guys get a twinge in their underware when i say i LOVE ROD 3
1628 MissMary58 is your pussy blue......let me warm it up so its pink again!!!!!!!!!! 1
1629 MissMary58 but she sure could suck......**** 1
1630 MissMary58 is Kat using energizers cause she just keeps on going!!!!!!!!! 1
1631 MissMary58 bye copper 3
1632 MissMary58 bye copper dang she moves too fast she sprite for an old Lady lolol 1
1633 DancerToo Bye All 0
1634 newhopegirl bye bye copperheadsparky4 1
1635 PghLindaCD <!GG> kat & recycle have pinged together ... lets start a rumour 1
1636 PghLindaCD <!GG> [killer1234]: dont be jealous cos i love ROD 0
1637 GG <!DJ^Linda> This song is dedicated to DJ^Linda from GG keith urban & carrie underwood - The Fighter 1
1638 MissMary58 kats room is hawt with pussy heat :p 1
1639 PghLindaCD newhopegirl> Karen was my backup babysitter when Shania was busy at cheerleading practice 0
1640 MissMary58 has taken screeencaptures of kat in various stages of "red" ....printed them out and then stapled them together for a oldstyle flip pack so i can watch her blush over and over 1
1641 PghLindaCD tipsykatt> WB Kat.....& your tig-o-bitties 0
1642 GG <@BassAckwards> she enjoys my radeo show too because click one button and I'm muted. lol 0
1643 MissMary58 does that mean i can kiss your pussy under the mistletoe kat? 0
1644 PghLindaCD <@GG> men in suits shouldnt pick their noses Laughing Out Loud 0
1645 GG <@GG> men in suits shouldnt pick their noses Laughing Out Loud <!PghLindaCD> i best stop wearing a suit to work then GG 0
1646 MissMary58 dj linda sorry folks .. but the Art dpt. get paid 1st! ... (Mary) IF there is any $ left over DJ's get it .... Laughing Out Loud 1
1647 mystiquejewel <ballz63> i was thinking if i gorilla glued my head inbetween dj mjs great boobs and stuggled to get out of them it would be just like watching great table tennis or a game of pong at the same time 0
1648 newhopegirl DJ^Fort saying "FO" is nearly endearing. It comes from his pancreas, which is like the bottom of his heart, only deeper 0
1649 PghLindaCD Sometimes understanding what a woman wants is very difficult. It's like trying to figure what color, the letter seven, smells like. 0
1650 PghLindaCD @IStrippedCubby> i don't have balls but i do have chest NUTS 0
1651 PghLindaCD <@DJ^SweetKat> im wayyyyyyyyyyyyy funnier than mary...ijs 0
1652 PghLindaCD <GG> i inserted it linda Laughing Out Loud 0
1653 MissMary58 <missmary58> pets her pink pussy........i'm surprized at how soft it is 0
1654 MissMary58 <missmary58> yer boobs are like magnets for my eyes kat 1
1655 MissMary58 <missmary58> Kat? I never reallized you had a red pussy? that when i spank it too much? 1
1656 MissMary58 <missmary58> damn you have plug and play in the shower high tech!!!!!!!!!! 1
1657 MissMary58 can anyone have quotes? 1
1658 MissMary58 sounds too techncal for me 2
1659 Eastie boobies 3
1660 GG <ballz63> tell gg in the trouser department youre as huge as texas and hung like john waynes horse if that doesnt get you up her apples and pears nothing will 0
1661 DeepPrpl <loveableone> can u check my hard drive? *wink* 1
1662 DeepPrpl <recycle05> come monday too gg <GG> i am recycle05 :) <DeepPrpl> Any day works for me 0
1663 DeepPrpl <@copperheadsparky4> !req the who see me feel me <DeepPrpl> <------ volunteers 0
1664 PghLindaCD <SweetKat> i will NEVER forgive cubby for sending me a pic of jon bon in dasiy dukes...ewwwww 1
1665 DeepPrpl <!PghLindaCD> I do DeepPrpl 0
1666 DeepPrpl <@copperheadsparky4> your goodddddddddddddddddd <DeepPrpl> nahhh you've got me mixed up with somebody else 0
1667 DeepPrpl <@copperheadsparky4> omg deep that nose is hugeeeeeeeeeeee <DeepPrpl> nahhhhhh it's just the camera angle 0
1668 DeepPrpl <@IStrippedcubby> good thing he is cute <DeepPrpl> Thanks for noticing 0
1669 DeepPrpl <@DJ^Kat> i do love pickles <DeepPrpl> I'm not even going to touch that one 0
1670 PghLindaCD <@missmary58> now if i put the chicken fried steak on your backside and poured white gravey over you and had ......say a kinky guy eat it off you.........well then thats kinky 0
1671 DJJinx <newhopegirl> you buy a "closet keeper" on late night TV ........WAIT, there's more......get 2 for the same price and separate fee 0
1672 GG ] <@DancerToo> safer razors... your learning <razors> took me long enuff 1
1673 jinxyyy <PghLindaCD> round room .... that explains why the tunes sound good no mater what part of the room I'm in! 0
1674 DJJinx <Jerzee2> jinx for dj 2021.. <DJ^JINX> I didn't even know I was running.. 0
1675 MissMary58 sweetkat i cant do brownies anymore :( cubby did you graduate to girl scouts sweetkat won't say i miss eating brownies now 1
1676 PghLindaCD <GG> itwas more of a tiddle than a wee LOL 1
1677 PghLindaCD <GG> Laughing Out Loud ... yea its always MY fault 2
1678 MissMary58 damn kats double fisting it 0
1679 GG <GG> my ass is a virgin i'll have u know LOL. 0
1680 GG <GG> my ass is a virgin i'll have u know LOL. no fingers needed 1
1681 PghLindaCD <readynrobert> fucking delicious 1
1682 jinxyyy <Jerzee2> only when i drink razor. <Jinxyyy> kinda' hard to drink razors ain't it Jerzee2.. <Jerzee2> well jinx shittin em out worse... 1
1683 GG 07:55] <SweetKat> golf links and craycroft... the bar was called... The Body Shop... women strippers..then bam......fridays were male strippers .......[07:56] <SweetKat> fuck yeah...i was there 1
1684 jinxyyy <newhopegirl> do Canadians eat turkey for Thanksgiving ? <copperheadsparky4> yes.. <DJ^Brian> hey NHG its one of the chances i gte to have a breast in the mouth!! 1
1685 MissMary58 [cubby] Stop The Presses.....Ballz is Speechless 2
1686 Cubby1 <ballz63> im speechless now 4
1687 SEXYFE The Big Easy aka Chuck Norris 0
1688 MissMary58 [missmary58] I can bring down the house!!!!!!!!!!! 0
1689 Cubby1 <@missmary58> i don't blow.......i ........oh nm 1
1690 PghLindaCD DJ^Cubby is too drunk to shutup ... but she does buy bridges!! 2
1691 GG <@DJ^SweetKat> philllllllllllll <@DJ^SweetKat> hes my rod 1
1692 PghLindaCD <GG> yea i just want it over! so i can dream of Aces 2
1693 GG [13:30] <ballz63> i some times have secret sexual thoughts of drum bum dressed as david hasselhoff on stilts 1
1694 MissMary58 copperheadsparky4 - once you go Hitachi, ya never go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
1695 MissMary58 kingb - kingb is lost in —thought — yeah thats it! 1
1696 MissMary58 missmary58 - just saying i love the sound of her wings..........flapping 2
1697 DJJinx <newhopegirl> [@copperheadsparky4]: ?? it's a covid approved toy......with the 6 foot cord, right ? LOLOL 1
1698 PghLindaCD <Eastie> most girls wiggle good really 1
1699 MissMary58 dammmmmm who put hot sauce in kat's ass......... 0
1700 MissMary58 Kat do you go off with a great big bang? 1
1701 jinxyyy <GG> Laughing Out Loud i broke it though ... it worked great until then... <Jinxyyy> she's not talking about her dildo and all the weeks she's been locked down is she ?? 1
1702 PghLindaCD [01:53] <Eastie> hi newhope xoxox kat xoxox anf jinx xoxox...oops 1
1703 PghLindaCD <missmary58> damn kat yer bewbies are like mexican jumping beans .... they don't wanna stay in your top 0
1704 PghLindaCD <razors> usually when ballz talks, its like second hand smoke. its there but i dont pay attention 0
1705 jinxyyy <copperheadsparky4> smacks Mary hard...<Jinxyyy> warns copperheadsparky4.. missmary58 likes that.. Just sayin'... 1
1706 MissMary58 well kats thighs are so strong .........she cracks the acorns!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
1707 GG <SweetKat> and i dont know how to do quotes --- GG like this? 1
1708 PghLindaCD <GG> I just cant get enough ROD 3
1709 slowhands555 Not bad for an old, fat, ugly guy 2
1710 GG As If Its Still All Deb's Fault! Hallway Now! 5
1711 GG I've Drowned So Many Gummy Bears, They Have Become Extinct! Said The One And Only Deb 1
1712 slowhands555 <slowhands555> I'm a closet John Denver Fan... 0
1713 slowhands555 <slowhands555> Don't make me play the John Denver Card!!! 0
1714 slowhands555 <slowhands555> GG & Kat dragged me out of the closet... 0
1715 jinxyyy <PghLindaCD> ok ... blame me .... wow <Jinxyyy> We Always Do PghLindaCD.... 3
1716 slowhands555 <GG> I'm a fatter older guy than you LOL. 0